Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ripe for Pleasure by Isobel Carr review & giveaway

Ripe for Pleasure
Book One in the League of Second Sons
Author: Isobel Carr
Publisher: Forever Romance
ISBN: 978-0-4465-57275-0
Second in line, first in love
A secret society of younger sons, sworn to aid and abet each other, no matter the scandal or cost.... Their fathers and brothers may rule the world, but they run it . . . and when it comes to passion, they refuse to accept second best.

Searching for hidden treasure,
finding forbidden fantasy.
London's most sensual former courtesan, Viola Whedon, is incapable of being seduced-she does the seducing. Until she meets Leonidas Vaughn. Her salacious memoirs have made her the target of half the lords in England, and Vaughn is the only man she can turn to. When he promises to protect her-and to make her beg for his touch-the alluring beauty finds both offers impossible to refuse.

Leonidas Vaughn secretly believes Viola possesses a fortune given to his family by the King of France. So the strong and sexy Vaughn charms his way into Viola's life . . . and her bed. But when their arrangement is consummated, he'll experience pleasure far beyond his wildest fantasies-and realize his heart may need the most protection of all.

This is a very charming little romance that puts the second sons front and center. I enjoyed reading this as it was a bit different from the way that other romances normally focus on the heir. Filled with adventure, action, a treasure hunt, and romance, Ripe for Pleasure is the perfect Summer Romance book.

One of my favorites! A quick read that will have you turning the pages. I cannot wait to read what comes next in this series.

*I have to add that I enjoyed the characters names, especially Leonidas’ sister’s name, Boudicca.

Five Fun Facts

1. The treasure Leo and Viola are looking for is real. The King of France really did send a fortune to support Bonnie Price Charlie in his bid for the English throne, but the rebellion collapsed before the money reached him, and no one knows what happened to it.

2. There’s a lot of Joan from Mad Men in Viola.

3. The idea to give all the kids in Leo’s family historical names was inspired by real men from the era named Hannibal, Achilles, Hercules, and Perseus.

4. The heroine’s dog was inspired by Isobel’s very own dog, Clancy, a Bullmastiff/Neapolitan Mastiff cross and two of his littermates, who are owned by her best friend and her little sister. And yes, that means there’s a minimum of 500 lbs of dog at every dinner party and holiday.

5. The idea of a man marrying his mistress in the Georgian era wasn’t all that far-fetched. Charles James Fox, the famous Whig politician, did it (and they lived quite happily at Strawberry Fields; yes, that Strawberry Fields) as did the 5th Duke of Devonshire, the 1st Baron Carteret, the 1st Earl of Orford, the 3rd Viscount Palmerston, and Sir Robert Wilmot.

I have three copies thanks to Brianne at HBG to giveaway. To enter please leave your name and a valid email address. Contest ends May 26. Winners will be contacted on the 27.

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