Friday, March 10, 2017

DNF Roundup: The Black Sheep's Secret Child by Cat Schield and Under the Hood by Sally Clements

The Black Sheep's Secret Child (Billionaires and Babies #74) by Cat Schield
Widow Savannah Caldwell faces the challenge of her life: begging Trent Caldwell—her former fling and late husband's brother—to save the family's ailing music business. That she's still attracted to Trent makes things hard; that Trent is her son's secret father makes things impossible!
Trent is fiercely proud of making his own fortune, despite his controlling father. And he's always believed his brother got the girl who should have been Trent's. Now he'll have the family business, and his brother's widow in the bargain. But will their romantic reunion be waylaid by Savannah's shocking baby secret?
Okay, so when a heroine sleeps with one brother, gets pregnant then passes the baby off as the other brother’s—who happened to be dying of cancer—to make sure the child inherits the family business, there’s just no coming back from that. So, this one was definitely a DNF by chapter 4.

Under the Hood by Sally Clements
When Alice Starr mistakenly believes attorney Mark Jameson needs her help, he discovers he likes being rescued for a change. Smitten by her confidence, he hides his expertise so he has an excuse to see her again. Alice doesn't have time for a man. But with one kiss, she and Mark have advanced into water so deep she's in danger of drowning...
I normally like Bliss titles; they’re short and fluffy and normally leave me with the warm and fuzzies. This one not so much. Not only was the writing lackluster, Alice and her friends annoyed me. They started a women only garage because they were tired of men talking down to them when they had their cars worked on, then Alice breaks the rules and tries to, heaven forbid dare I say it, work on a man’s car. The shock and horror of it. Yeah, I may have pulled an eye muscle from all the eye rolling. Then there was Mark. He acts like he doesn’t know how to fix his car because he wanted to a knight in distress then he goes on and on about feeling bad about how he lied to Alice.
Needless to say, I was so over this book before the halfway mark.

It happens. The dreaded DNF. You know you’ve had one or two, or ten. Rather than posting them individually, I decided to do a monthly roundup of the books I’ve DNF’d.

What’s the last book you DNF’d?

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