Friday, June 22, 2018

Mini Blog Ahead Starts Today!

Anna over @ Herding Cats & Burning Soup is hosting another mini blog ahead and I’m in desperate need of it because, frankly, 2018 has been a time suck.

Timeframe: June 22nd -July 6th

The Goal is to add 15 extra scheduled posts.

I have 3 scheduled posts—but I’m hoping to end with at least 20 extras.

I’m hoping to finally tackle some discussion posts I’ve been wanting to write, some leftover book reviews, and a few diy posts. There’s also a few memes that I’ve been wanting to participate in.

So, here’s hoping that this mini Blog Ahead will help me find my blogging groove again.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Almost Jamie by Gina Robinson

One lonely doctor. One sexy guy in a kilt. No, not that Jamie…but almost.

Fresh from London, Blair Edwards is Seattle’s newest cancer doctor. She’s been burned by love before, but that isn’t stopping her from looking for the kind of passion she sees in Jamie, the dashing Highland laird of a wildly popular TV series.

Austin MacDougall is a charming cosplaying Seattle millionaire. After a little help from his matchmaker, he’s a reformed geek who looks hot in a kilt. So hot, in fact, that he’s often mistaken for the actor who plays Jamie. But that still hasn’t found him love.

A chance meeting at Jet City Comicon and a twist forces them to play lookalikes for TV's most popular Scottish Highlander and his lady.

Series: Jet City Kilts #1  | Source: Amazon Freebie  | Rating: 1 Cup

Challenges Read For:   Literary Pickers : Costume
Why did I read this? Because the struggle of Droughtlander is real, people, and it was a freebie.
I thought this one was going to be a Finding Fraser or Looking for Captain Poldark type of read instead it was like viewing Outlander—book, show, and behind the scenes of the show—through a funhouse mirror while at Comic-Con.
The book mirrors the Outlander universe. There’s stones, and tealeaf readings with odd romantic prophesies, a heroine rescued by a man wearing a full Highland rig from said hero’s nemesis named ‘Randy’, a daring red dress, and a show/book series named ‘Jamie’ that features a handsome highlander and his feisty leading lady. There’s also a swirl of rumors about the actors of the show ‘Jamie’.
While it definitely wasn’t original, it made for a light, entertaining read until it came to an abrupt ending with the characters only having met twice and those two dreaded words, ‘Next  Up’. Turns out, what I thought was a complete romance WAS A BLOODY SERIAL.  Yeah, I’m not paying a total of $14.97 for the other three parts of this book.
Overall, this was a bloody waste of time. This is what lands authors on my Never Again list.

What are your thoughts on serials?