Monday, December 31, 2018

2019 Cruisin' Thru The Cozies Reading Challenge Goal Post

Host: Socrates Book Reviews
Goal: Level two (Investigator) Option B 10 themed books, 10 of my choice

Books Read:
  1. Culinary
  2. Animal related
  3. Craft
  4. Paranormal
  5. International
  6. Career-based
  7. Holiday--Deck The Hallways by Kate Carlisle (Fixer-Upper Mystery #4)
  8. Travel
  9. Historical
  10. Freebie
My Choice

2019 Blogger Shame

Yeah, blogger shame, I still have it—hangs head. My goal is to get through the books left on my NetGalley account. At the moment, I don’t have an exact number, but I’m aiming somewhere between 15-20 books.
Challenge: Blogger Shame
Host: Anna @ Herding Cats & Burning Soup
Goal: Clean up my NetGalley account (15-20 books)
Books Read


2019 Blog All About It

Challenge: Blog All About It! Take the prompt and blog it out!

2019 Prompts
 Jan- First
 Feb- Pink
 Mar- Luck
 April- Sweet
 May- Bloom
 June- Risk
 July- Heat
 Aug- Sky
 Sept- Crunch
 Oct- Shiver
 Nov- Thankful
 Dec- Twinkle

2019 Bad Boys of Romance Reading Challenge Goal Post

I bombed at keeping track of this one last year, fingers crossed this one will be better!

Host: Delighted Reader
Goal: Level Two 10-15 books – Engaged to the Bad Boy
Books Read

Literary Pickers Scavenger Hunt 2019 Goal Post

Literary Pickers Scavenger Hunt 2019
Goal: Level Three -Professional Picker- 50 items/50 places
This is such a fun challenge and I can’t wait to search out the items!
Challenge Tracker

Items Found

2. Phone or device charger: Unzipped by Lauren Blakely
5. Doorbell/ knocker: Love in the Afternoon by Karen Hawkins (Dove Pond .5)
6. Oven: Cowboy Christmas Jubilee by Dylann Crush (Holiday, Texas #3)
7. Headboard (bed): Driving Mr. Dead by Molly Harper (Half-Moon Hollow #.5)
8. French doors/sliding glass door: The House Mate by Kendall Ryan (Roommates #3)
10. Chandelier/ Candelabra: Romancing the Laird by Gerri Russell (All the King’s Men #3)
11. Wine glass: How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper (Naked Werewolf 31)
12. Horse-drawn cart: A Rogue by Night by Kelly Bowman (Devils of Dover #3)
14. Beer: Peachy Flippin’ Keen by Molly Harper (Southern Eclectic #)
15. Bakery goods: The Real Thing by Melissa Foster (Sugar Lake #1)
17. Picnic food: Hardwood by Lauren Blakely
21. Rifle: Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs by Molly Harper (Jane Jameson #1)
22. Sports pads/protective gear (any sport): Most Valuable Playboy by Lauren Blakely
23. Belt buckle: Magnolia Mystic by Lisa Kessler (#1)
24.Toilet/commode/outhouse -Baby Daddy by Kendall Ryan

Around the House
1. Coffee Table
2. Throw Rug/Blanket
3. Pet toys
4. Phone or device charger
5. Turn-style record player/stereo
6. Photo Album
7. Fireplace
8. China Hutch/cabinet
9. Toilet/commode/outhouse
10. Built in pool
11. Doorbell/ knocker
12. Oven
13. Headboard (bed)
14. French doors/sliding glass door
15. Flower pot/planter
16. Chandelier/ Candelabra
17. Tea tray/cart
18. Home security/alarm
19. Wine glass
20. Remote control/clicker

Around the World
21. Canada
22. South American Country
23. South Seas Island
24. African Country
25. Russia

It Goes Zoom Zoom
26. Power boat
27. Space cargo or transport ship
28. Ski lift/ascending mountain cable car
29. Motorcycle
30. Limousine
31. Steam Train
32. Horse-drawn cart
33. Segway/scooter
34. Navy ship
35. Rope swing/zipline
36. Brand new automobile
Elements to Factor
37. Enemies to Lovers
38. Threesome or Love Triangle
39. Sweet Romance (no more than kisses)
40. Dual or Multiple Narrators
41. First Person Point of View
42. Murder
43. End of the world/Disaster
44. Road Trip/ Personal Journey
45. Same Sex
46. A hated trope (DNF’d book ok)
47. Favorite trope
48. Over a Year on Your TBR
49. Borrowed/Loaned to you
50. Audio
51. Graphics or Illustrations
52. First time Author/Narrator
53. BDSM/Kink
54. Reunion/Second Chances
55. Arranged or Forced Marriage
56. Fake Mates
57. Fated Mates/Instalove
58. Known each other for years
59. Couple 40 years old or older
60. Alternate or fantasy world

All Terrain
61. On another planet
62. Desert
63. Big City
64. Small Town
65. Jungle

Bon Appetit
66. French cuisine
67. Indian cuisine
68. Black coffee
69. Beer
70. Bakery goods
71. Apples or oranges
72. Soup
73. Picnic food
74. Frozen Dinner/MREs/Food from a space ship galley
75. Four course (or more) meal

Tools of the Trade
76. Lock picks
77. White board/smart board
78. Monitor/Screen
79. Screwdriver
80. Handcuffs
81. Saddle
82. Emergency vehicle siren or lights
83. Diving suit/space suit
84. Rifle

Wear It
85. Raincoat/Slicker
86. Tiara/Crown
87. Socks
88. Piercing
89. Bullet-proof vest/tactical gear
90. Sports pads/protective gear (any sport)
91. Ball Gown
92. Tux/frock coat
93. Belt buckle
94. Bracelet

Cover Clues
95. Primarily yellow
96. Weather term mentioned in the title
97. One-word title
98. No people
99. Kiss or almost kiss
100. Favorite Author gave the cover quote

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Their Lost Daughters by Joy Ellis

Deep in the muddy fields of Lincolnshire Fens, a teenage girl is found wandering, delirious, claiming to have been drugged at a party. Mere feet away, the drowned body of another girl turns up on an isolated beach. All this on a small stretch of land where, nearly 10 years ago, the shocking disappearance of a young girl remains an open case. Are the crimes linked? Who are these girls? Is a twisted predator living among the families on this secluded English coastal enclave? For detectives Rowan Jackman and Marie Evans, the pressure is on to unravel these unsettling crimes and bring the perpetrator to justice.

Series: Jackman & Evans (Published Order), Book 2, Jackman & Evans (Recommended Listening Order), Book 1: Publisher: Audible | Genre: Mystery/Thriller |  Narrator: Richard Armitage | Length:9 hours 46 mins | Source: Publisher | Rating: 4 Cups

I wasn’t sure what to expected when I started this one as Joy Ellis is a new-to-me author and, honestly, I’ve not really heard that much about her. Although I’m a massive fan of British suspense/crime drama (Blue Murder, Happy Valley, Unforgotten, DCI Banks, In The Dark) so I wanted to give this series a try and then when I found out that Richard Armitage was narrating, that sealed the deal. I’m so glad that I took a chance with this one because it’s just the type of mystery/suspense book that I enjoy.


Here’s what’s going on. When the body of a young girl is found on the beach, DI Jackman and DS Evans never expected that it would hit so close to home and are determined to discover just what happened. Their investigation takes a shocking turn when Toni, a teenage girl, is found drugged and wandering around in a muddy field. What makes things even more troubling is that she’s saying she saw her friend, Emily, being dragged from the party. Not only is the whereabouts of Emily a mystery, her identity is as well. These discoveries lead to Jackman and Evans wondering if they’re connected to an illegal underage drinking club that they’ve been trying to bring down. And just how is the disappearance of a little girl, a decade ago, connected to these new missing girls?


I’m not going to give too much away because this is one of those where the mystery could be if too much was revealed.


This one is rather intense and it took me down a rather twisted path as more information surfaces and sheds light on the who and why. It also left me on the edge of my seat and had me wracking my brain as I tried to piece together how the characters were connected to these hideous crimes. I was impressed that this one left me guessing until nearly the end and I have to say bravo to Ellis at how she worked this web of disturbed individuals together in a way that made me feel both horrified and sympathetic.


As for the main characters, I found that I liked both Rowan Jackman and Marie Evans. Not only did they work brilliantly together, I enjoyed their histories and I’m eager to learn more about them. They also have this slight flirtation about them and I’m eager to see how it plays out. I also found that I enjoyed the secondary characters as well. They were well-rounded and added such a nice touch to the story.


I really enjoyed the investigation in this one and watching the policing that was involved. It’s always interesting to see what’s involved in other countries policing.


Richard Armitage narrates this book beautifully. His voice is just suited for mysteries and his accents are spot on.


This is the second book in the series although this was the first one in the recommended listening order according to Audible so this is why I started with book two. As I’ve not read book one yet, I’m not sure if I’ve missed anything but if I have I’ll let you know when I come back and update this after reading book one.


Overall, this one was intense but engrossing. It had some gruesome bits but they weren’t overly explained so I wasn’t turned off of the book. I’m really interested in what comes next.

Jackman & Evans Series (recommended listening order)

Their Lost Daughters
The Murderer's Son
The Fourth Friend
The Guilty Ones
The Stolen Boys

Monday, December 3, 2018

Rocky Mountain Cowboy Christmas by Katie Ruggle

When firefighter and single dad Steve Springfield moved his four kids to a Colorado Christmas tree ranch, he intended for it to be a safe haven. But he never expected danger to follow them to his childhood home...
Or that he would come face-to-face with the one girl he could never forget.
Folk artist Camille Brandt lives a quiet life. As the town's resident eccentric, she's used to being lonely--until Steve freaking Springfield changes everything. Brave and kind, he's always had a piece of her heart, and it doesn't take long before she's in danger of falling for him and his rambunctious kids. But as mysterious fires break out across the sleepy Colorado town, Steve and Camille will have to fight if they want their happy family to survive until Christmas...

Series: Rocky Mountain Cowboys #1 | Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca | Genre: Romantic Suspense | Source: Publisher | Rating: 4 Cups

Challenges Read For: Literary Pickers: Fire Hose 
I’ve been wanting to try Katie Ruggle for a bit but I didn’t want to dive in during the middle of a series—and I’ve not had time to start from the beginning— so when Rocky Mountain Cowboy Christmas (book one in the new Rocky Mountain Cowboy series) showed up I was eager to dive in.
Here’s what’s going on. To keep his kids from harm, Steve has returned to his childhood home, which happens to be on a Christmas tree ranch. He never imagined that when he ‘rescued’ Camille, the girl he could never get out of his head, that he would truly have to rescue her from someone out to cause her harm. Now that she’s living with him and his family and feelings are developing, harm is still lingering around the corner and Steve will do everything in his power to keep them safe.
I could not put this book down. Steve and Camille were amazing together and kept me smiling until the end.
I really liked Camille. She’s quiet but fierce in her own away and definitely unique. She forages for scrap metal and makes these amazing metal sculptures. She’s also a bit awkward in public situations so that’s made her a bit of a recluse but when she encounters Steve and his kids she finds herself opening to them. Steve was such a great guy; he’s a protector and a bit assertive without being a typical alpha male. He takes great care of his children and is determined to do all he can to protect them and Camille.
The romance was cute. It wasn’t an in your face type of romance, it was more subtle as they figure out how to be in a relationship. They’re both awkward so they found themselves stumbling around the issue rather than just addressing it head on and I found that to be endearing.
I found Steve’s kids to be fun and entertaining. Each of them were so unique and knew what they wanted and were determined to get it. They were so accepting and welcoming of Camille.
Okay, so I liked the suspense/mystery aspect what I didn’t like was person behind it. Even though I had a feeling of who was behind everything, I wasn’t thrilled with the reasoning. I just didn’t feel like had enough substance.
Overall, I enjoyed this one. Not only was it such a charming Christmas story, it was such a great introduction to a new-to-me author and I look forward to reading more.  

What’s your favorite Christmas/Winter romance?