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Cowboy Rebel by Carolyn Brown

Ever since losing his best friend in a motorcycle accident, Taggart Baker wants to make every moment count. No dare is too dangerous, no adventure too crazy for this cowboy. But after one bad brush with the law, he realizes it's time to ditch his hooligan friends and grow up. Now he's running his own ranch next to the Longhorn Canyon spread in Texas. Still, no one would ever call him tame.  

Nikki Grady has worked too hard for her RN license just to throw it away for some reckless cowboy who shows up in her emergency room after a barroom brawl. But she can't help being drawn to Tag's sense of humor and those crystal blue eyes. The more time they spend together, the more she sees his good heart. But just as Tag seems ready to settle down for good, his troubled past comes calling-and this time he won't be able to walk away so easily.

Series: Longhorn Canyon #4 | Publisher: Forever | Release Date: May 28, 2019  | Genre: Contemporary Romance  | Source: Publisher | Rating: 4.5 Cups
Challenges Read For:  - Bad  Literary Pickers  - Black Coffee
I do like a bad boy! I had such a good time with this book. Picking up a Carolyn Brown book is like visiting with a dear friend, you know you’re going to walk away smiling. Her plots are fresh and realistic, her characters are sassy and beautifully flawed, and the romance is endearingly sweet.
Here’s what’s going on. Tag’s been living his life in the fast lane but now that he co-owns a ranch, he’s starting to put down roots and it doesn’t hurt that Nikki’s caught his eye. Nikki knows she should stay away from Tag, but there’s something about the sexy cowboy that sets her heart aflutter. When Tag’s past finally catches up with him and puts Nikki in danger, he wonders how she’ll ever forgive him.
I’ve really been enjoying this series. I know I’ve missed a few and need to remedy this ASAP, but the ones I’ve read I’ve loved and this one is no exception.
Tag’s been a rebel most of his life. He’s content with pushing well past the boundaries, having a revolving door of women, and living everyday as though it were his last. Although now that he has purchased a ranch with his twin brother, Hud, Tag’s starting to realize there’s more to life than being the wild one. And now that Nikki has captured his interest he’s trying to figure out how to navigate between his wild side and the side that wants to settle down with her.  I found Tag to be rather entertaining and, I can’t deny it, I might have fallen for him just a tad because he reminds me of a guy I used to date.  
Nikki’s lived a very cautions and very independent life. Having been hurt in the past, she’s not sure is she’s willing to act on her feelings for someone who throws caution to the wind like Tag does. Yet there’s a part of Nikki that’s already fallen head over heels for Tag and the sense of family he brings. I can relate to Nikki’s fear. I’ve been in her shoes regarding falling for someone as reckless as Tag so I get where she’s coming from and why she’s hesitant.  
I felt like the romance in this one was relatable. They were both cautious —Nikki due to her fears and Tag because he wasn’t sure he wanted to drag her into his past. There was an undeniable chemistry yet they were slow to act on it. They also took their time to grow and figure out who they were before acting on their attraction.
There was a bit of danger in this one and I really enjoyed the way Nikki handled herself. She’s such a determined and feisty little thing; I don’t think I’d want to go against her. Tag was great through all of it—determined and regretful. This event really made him rethink his life choices.
The secondary characters are such a zany bunch and they bring so much fun and joy that you can’t help but to treasure each of them.
One of my favorite things when reading a book by Carolyn Brown is seeing when one of her character’s goes to Wal-Mart. I have no idea why, but I just like to hunt for this event in each of her books.
Overall, you can’t go wrong with a Carolyn Brown book. They pick you up when you’re down and leave you with a big smile on your face.

Includes the bonus novella A Wedding on Lavender Hill by Annie Rains: When an event planner is asked to create the perfect wedding in just three days, she must turn to the last person she wants to ask for help -- the infuriating owner of the house on the hilltop.

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