Find yourself a cup; the teapot is behind you. Now tell me about hundreds of things. ~Saki
Hello! I’m Angela. I’m a voracious reader and veracious reviewer as well as an Anglophile who lives in an old Victorian house in Ohio, where the weather is constantly changing one minute to the next. You can normally find me with a book in one hand and a hot cuppa tea in the other. When not reading, I’m normally in the kitchen whipping up some tempting treats, working on my next DIY project, or creating a new piece of jewelry.
My taste in reading varies depending on my mood and I am willing to give every book a go.  My shelves are lined with classics and Jane Eyre is my go to book. I also love sinking my teeth into gothic novels, romances, historical fiction, and contemporary fiction. To keep my brain from turning into mush, I also love digging into nonfiction from time to time.
My telly is constantly tuned to the BBC. Being Human, Sherlock, Call the Midwife, Downton Abbey, Stella, Once Upon A Time, Revenge, and Reign (even though the historical accuracy is nonexistent) are a few of my favorite series. I also love watching old black and white movies curled up in front of the fire.
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Tea Snob Confessions
Okay, so here it goes: My name is Angela and I’m a tea snob. *Waits patiently while everyone passes the teapot around and introduces themselves* Yeah, yeah, I know I was supposed to say: My name is Angela and I’m a tea addict—which of course, I am—and if I’m being entirely honest, a bit of a tea hoarder but I prefer to use the term ‘tea collector’ or magpie. Yes, that’s it! I’m a tea magpie! But that’s a tale for another day, so just ignore the picture of half of my tea stash.

Anyways…getting back to my tea snobbery…I’m one of those people who carry her tea with her in a travel tin in her handbag. I order my tea from fine purveyors—I refuse to sip horseback tea (Jane Austen enthusiast should be well acquainted with the saying) and my name is on the Twinings registry (another saying for us Janeites)
People say I’m persnickeTEA when it comes to my tea. It has to be strong, unsweetened, no cream (unless it’s a tea latte or a Dublin/London Fog) preferably hot, and in an actual cup—if it has a saucer to accompany it, I’m all the more pleased. I prefer loose over bags, but I’ll let you in one a little secret: I use both.  
Also don’t forget to check out my Tempting Treats. After all, a tea snob must have something to nibble on whilst she consumes her tea!


Helen said...

OH Angela! I think you are my new BF!!! I love tea, Jane Austen and historical fiction. *giggle* It will be great 'working' with you. Cheers from Australa!

Elizabeth said...

A Victorian House? I am jealous.

From all the teapot posts, I thought you were from the UK and not Ohio. :)

Thanks for a great blog.

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