Monday, April 22, 2019

Magnolia Mystic by Lisa Kessler

Skye Olson is a psychic like her mother, and her grandmother before her, but a bad break up with the man she thought was her soulmate has left her confidence in her abilities shaken. While she's in crisis, a real estate tycoon from Atlanta swoops in with his eyes on her shop.

Colton Hayes spent his mortal life plundering royal ships with his pirate crew, but one holy relic changed everything. Now he and the rest of the crew protect the port of Savannah from their captain who traded his cutlass for a fountain pen.
When Colton discovers the captain wants to build a hotel in the heart of historic Savannah, he sets out to stop him, but nothing could prepare him for the violet eyes of the Magnolia Mystic.
Series: Sentinels of Savannah Series | Publisher: Entangled Amara |  Genre: Contemporary Paranormal Romance/Sci-Fi | Source:  Purchased | Rating: 4 Cups

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Immortal Pirates? Yes, please and thank you!
If you know me, you know I’m seriously addicted to pirates so when I was scrolling on Amazon a few weeks ago this popped up and I had to one-click (one-click will be the death of my bank account one day). Having loved Lisa Kessler’s Moon series, I knew I would be in for a treat.
Skye and Colton were such a fun pair—she’s a psychic who owns a valuable piece of real estate and he’s an immortal pirate intent on making sure his former captain doesn’t get his hands on it—or her.
Skye’s just had her heart broken and her trust destroyed so now she’s questioning whether or not her psychic ability is accurate. When she meets Colton on his ship—a replica of his original pirate ship—she’s drawn to him yet she’s a bit leery at the same time. Colton has a few problems of his own—his former captain is gobbling up most of Savannah’s historic district, his immortality is starting to wear off, and the Holy Grail is missing—yet he knows that Skye’s the one for him. They have great chemistry but Skye’s a little slow to trust Colton. Then there’s the tiny problem that he’s just a few hundred years older than her.
This was such a great start to this series. The characters, their backstory, and the setting was laid out brilliantly and evenly. I didn’t feel as though I was getting bogged down by too much information at once. I also didn’t feel like the backstory got in the way of the present story.
While the romance is resolved in this one, the mystery of the missing Holy Grail carries over to the second book in the series and the ending offers enough of a tease that you’ll want to grab the second book and read them together.
The only problem I had with this one was the fact that Kessler kept using the term privateer rather than pirate. Privateers were vastly different from pirates in that they plundered for Crown and Country whereas pirates—like Colton and his crew—plundered for personal wealth. In fact, the term privateer offended most pirates. I know that this is a minor detail—most won’t have a problem with it—but it’s one of those things that irks me.
Overall, this was a fun and unique light romance that was a quick read.  

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