Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Book Snob Confessions: The Ick Factor

  Hello My Lovelies!  

I hope all of you are doing well! The wise and wonderful people at Blogger were finally able to fix the gremlins living in my html (Yay!!) and with a little tweaking and a new comment form, Simply Angela is finally back up and running. And I managed not to lose my mind in the process. (Double Yay!!)
I thought it would be the perfect time to kick off a few new features starting with Book Snob Confessions!
What is Book Snob Confessions you ask?
Well, you know all of those little—or big—book-related things that crawl under your skin and live there for what seems like an eternity? Well this is the place to blather about all of them.
Enjoy and feel free to jump in grab the button and participate on your own blog or leave your Book Snob Confession in the comments.

So, welcome to the inaugural post of Book Snob Confessions
I thought I would dedicate my first Book Snob Confession to The Ick Factor.
You know how when you start a book and everything is fandabbydozie then something happens, oh you know, like a sponge placed up a heroine’s lady bits then never removed so all you can think about is the fact she’s traipsing through half of the book whilst smuggling a sponge up her fanny.
Forgotten jollies hold the same ick factor for me. A detailed description of rolling the condom on is usually provided, but afterwards the hero generally just rolls over and falls asleep without removing it. I really wouldn’t want to be the one who has to clean the sheets afterwards.
And what about when the hero and heroine go from shagging like bunnies on the kitchen table/counter straight to making baked goods without cleaning up said table/counter? Seriously, it may be sexy to get your shag on in new and exciting places, but all I can think about is the amount of germs and bodily fluids that are mingling in with your sugar cookies. Would it really harm the author to add in a short snippet about the table/counter being sanitized?
The books are often grand. The characters memorable and the plot exciting, but seriously I can’t get past the ick factor and that’s all I end up thinking about for the remainder of the book.
Have you had any similar experiences?

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