Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Reads blog Hop

Summer's in full swing! Come in out of the heat and check out our favorite Summer Reads! Each blog will feature their favorites and a giveaway so visit them all! Plus there's a Grand Prize giveaway happening too!

Hello Lovelies!
I would like to thank Anna from Herding Cats and Burning Soup for coming up with this wonderful Summer Reads hop where we can share our favorite summer reads.
I’m sure we all have our I-will-read-these-books-until-their-pages-are-shredded summer reads. The ones we go back to year after year.
They’re stained. They’re tattered. There’s a copy stashed in your travel bag so you don’t forget to take it along with you when you go somewhere. There’s also another copy stashed in your beach tote, and it might have a few unidentified splotches and sand in the cracks—but it’s okay, it’s your beach copy and you’re perfectly fine with getting SPF 3,000 on it (okay, so sun block companies haven’t pushed the SPF # that high, but they need to, because this pasty girl burns like a lobster).
Here are a few of my Favorite Summer Reads
1-Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte—How can you not love Rochester? And I’m not going to lie, during the summer I totally skip over the whole ordeal with Jane at her aunts and Jane at Lowood and go straight to the broody I-love-you-but-please-ignore-the-crazy-lady-in-the-attic-who-just-so-happens-to-be-my-wife parts. I also skip over the Jane finds her cousins parts, because honestly, it’s summer and I don’t want a whole ‘we are family, I’ve got all my new found cousins with me’ thing. I want dark and broody Rochester telling me not to go. (Seriously, I. WANT. ROCHESTER!)
2—Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte—Oh, Heathcliff. Why couldn’t you see that Cathy was not the saint you thought her to be? He was dark and twisted. And while I still want to slap Cathy with the book every time I read it, I still read it every summer.
3—Wallbanger by Alice Clayton—Everyone needs a little naughty in their summer reading pile.
4—Tangled by Emma Chase—Drew Evans should be on everyone’s summer reading list.
5—The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks—A perfect read for a summer storm.
6—Biographies or Non-fiction books—So, not an actual title but rather a genre. Usually at the end of July I will start a massive, chunky-monkey—will-break-your-foot-if-it’s-dropped-on-it non-fiction book. I have to read NF every once in a while so my brain doesn’t feel like it’s turning to mush.
7—Romantic Suspense—Once again, another genre, well sub-genre. I don’t know why, but over the last few years RS had become my Summer Romance go to. And honestly, how can you not melt for sexy spies?

First Prize will win:
A Leopard Print Tote
Searching for Someday by Jennifer Probst
Bound by Night by Larissa Ione
A Journal
Penguin Classics Mad Libs
As well as some author swag
Second Prizewill win:
3 Jane Burke E-books
To enter, please leave your name and a valid email address. Giveaway Ends July 23rd winner will be announced and contacted on July 24th


Don't forget to visit the other bloggers and check out their favorite Summer Reads!

Grand Prize Giveaway
There will be two Grand Prize winners one for a $100 Amazon Gift Card and a second for a $30 Amazon Gift Card




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