Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nancy's Theory of Style by Grace Coopersmith

Lively young socialite Nancy Carrington-Chambers has always believed an excellent sense of style and strict attention to detail are what it takes to succeed, but her own husband Todd is showing symptoms of incurable tackiness, so Nancy flees their McMansion for her posh San Francisco apartment. She knows her event planning company, Froth, is a real winner, but she must prove herself by reinventing the turgid Barbary Coast Historical Museum fundraiser. Luckily, Nancy now has the perfect assistant. Derek Cathcart is British, impeccably dressed, gorgeous, and clearly gay—so why does Nancy find him so attractive?

Before Nancy can unravel her feelings, her irresponsible cousin Birdie abandons her little daughter with Nancy and takes off. Nancy, Derek, and Eugenia make an unlikely “family,” but strangely it seems incredibly right. Now Nancy’s parents are pressuring her to return to Todd, and she still has to pull off a spectacular party. For someone who’s always known exactly where she’s going, Nancy is in dangerously uncharted waters.

Irresistibly funny and romantic, Nancy’s Theory of Style shows that happiness and
love—just like fashion—aren’t about playing it safe.

My thoughts:

When I started reading this I thought it would be lacking in some way or the other, (normally so called chick-lit bores more due the lack of substance), thankfully I was wrong. I found that even though this was a light weekend chick-lit read, it actually had depth to the story and characters. Once I started reading this book I could not put it down and read it through in about an hour and a half. If you are looking for layered characters, twists in the plot, and adorable little girl who will still your heart, then this is the book for you. I guarantee that once you have read Nancy’s Theory of Style you will want to tell all your friends about it.

My thanks to Pocket Books for sending me this copy

Product Details

Gallery, May 2010

Trade Paperback, 384 pages

ISBN-10: 1416598863

ISBN-13: 9781416598862

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