Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beguiled by Deeanne Gist & J. Mark Bertrand review

Rylee Monroe was once a member of Charleston’s wealthiest neighborhood, although that was many years ago, so many in fact Rylee has almost no memories of living among the elite. After her father, a prominent lawyer, up and leaves both his job and his family, and her mother dies, the life Rylee once knew no longer existed. With debt piling up her grandmother has no choice but to enlist the aid of her fathers partner and sell off the families home and possessions.

Like I said that was long ago. Rylee is now a dogwalker for Charleston’s elite, earning enough money to pay for her grandmothers (her grandmother is suffering from Alzheimer’s) care in a nursing home. When Rylee encounters a robber in the house of one of her clients, she finds that the streets that she once loved are more dangerous than she ever has imagined, and someone is intent on following her. After the thief targets the homes of her clients, Rylee not only has to deal with her stalker, she now has to prove that she is not the so called “Robin Hood thief.”

Logan Woods is a reporter hoping to crack the case and turn his findings into a bestselling novel. Discovering Rylee may have more information than she is letting on, Logan takes the investigation into his own hands hoping Rylee will be selling point to his story, although he never imagined that he, the man who is terrified of dogs would develop feelings for a woman who is a dogwalker.

Now Logan is faced with a life altering decision, will he choose the girl, or his story? If he chooses the girl will he clear her name, or be the one to put her behind bars?

My thoughts?

I liked this book, it kind of put me in mind of Susan May Warren’s P.J. Sugar series, a light mystery, with uplifting undertones, and an adorable love story to boot. The characters were full of charm, and I found myself liking both Rylee & Logan from the start. Plus I love novels that are set in Charleston, it seems that its impossible for the city just to be a background and in this book it has become a character in its own right. Another intriguing aspect of Beguiled was the plot, not only was it a weekend mystery/love story, it was a story of self-discovery, and a sort of riches to rags type story whereas normally authors have the whole Cinderella type theme.

This book was provided by Bethany House, my thanks for sending me this copy.

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