Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spilling the Beans on the Cat's Pajamas by Judy Parkinson

Title- Spilling the Beans on the Cats Pajamas:
Popular Expressions-What They Mean & How We Got Them
Author- Judy Parkinson
Publisher- Reader’s Digest
ISBN- 978-1-60652-171-7
Format- Hardcover

Strike while the iron's hot and bone up on the origins of your favorite expressions

Cat got your tongue? Well, for Pete's sake, use this collection of colorful expressions to enrich your everyday speech. This book spills the beans on our best-loved euphemisms and most curious sayings, explaining their fascinating origins and the remarkable stories that surround them. It rounds up the usual suspects -- the catch phrases, quotations, and expressions that keep our language flourishing -- and makes them easy to find in a convenient A-to-Z format.
Did you know that . . .
The expressions all that glitters is not gold and apple of the eye have each been in use for more than a thousand years?
To bark up the wrong tree comes from the sport of raccoon hunting?
Embarrassed parents can thank the songwriter Cole Porter for the euphemism the birds and the bees?
(from the back cover)

My Thoughts:

WOW!! WHAT A BOOK!!!!!! I picked this up last night just to have a look through and I was so hooked I ended up reading it straight through. Not only does Spilling the Beans on the Cats Pajamas contain the where any why, it contains little adages to go all along with each phrase. This book chocked-full of the normal ever day phrases as well as some that may be new to some readers. I was pleasantly surprised with the information that filled each page. I was surprised at the origins of a few of the phrases.

Overall would I read this book/use this book again? Most Defiantly. I believe that I will find myself referring to this book quite often.

Who would I recommend it to? Any/ Every one. This is the perfect book for those who are home schooling as well as writers, and lovers of literature.

My thanks to FSB Media for sending me this copy.

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