Friday, April 1, 2011

The Mistress’ House by Leigh Michaels

Title: The Mistress’ House
Author: Leigh Michaels
ISBN: 9781402241352
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Genre: Historical Romance
How I read it: Mass Market ARC from publishers


When the handsome, rakish Earl of Hawthorne buys the charming house across the back garden from his town home, he never expects the lovely lady he installs there to ensnare him completely…


After Lady Anne Keighley marries the earl, it seems a shame to leave the house empty, so she offers it to her childhood friend Felicity Mercer, who discovers that the earl’s gorgeous cousin is precisely the man she’s been waiting for…


Finally, feisty Georgiana Baxter moves into the house to escape an arranged marriage, and encounters the earl’s friend Lord Julian Silsby late one night in the back garden. The handsome soldier is more than willing to give her the lessons she asks for…
There is plenty of gossip, scandal, and torrid speculations surrounding the “mistress’ house”, but behind closed doors, passions blaze…

My review:

I have to say that I really enjoyed reading The Mistress’ House, it was a lovely little romance novel that featured three different stories, each combining to make an interesting read. First we are introduced to Lady Anne Keighly who is desperate to be ruined, and she knows the perfect rogue for the job. It seems that luck is on her side when after a bit of convincing the Earl of Hawthorn agrees. To make matters more interesting Hawthorn has just purchased the perfect house in which to hold a rendezvous, Number Five Upper Seymour Street, although he never imagine that this mistress would win his heart.

Next to visit the house is Felicity Mercer, a dear friend of Anne’s, after an unexpected visit with the brother of her former lover, she proposes a plan that Richard cannot refuse. Felicity soon begins to develop feelings for Richard, even though she believes him to be married, but one must remember that appearance are not quite what they seem.

Last but not least is the whirlwind, Georgiana Baxter, who has come for Hawthorns aid. She is determined not to windup trapped in an arranged marriage, so she finds her escape in Number Five Upper Seymour Street, never imagining that she would also find the man who will take her breath away. Although once again we are reminded that appearance are not quite what they seem.

My thoughts:

Although there are three stories combined in the book, they are not novellas; together they create this charming romance. Each story is filled with romance, as well as a few twists and turns, making it a fun and enjoyable read. A perfect book for those of you who want to do a bit of light reading. One of my top picks that I have read this read.

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