Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thursday Tea



 The Book: Kiss Of Night by Bennie Viguie (out October 2011)
             I have been waiting to read this book for what seems like forever. There is something appealing about a vampire doing a bit of soul searching--not to consume but to make amends. This is the first Christian-based vampire novel that I have read and I have to say the concept for this novel is rather intriguing. In addition, it offers a mystery as well as history, which always is enjoyable. I am on page 101 at the moment, and while the book stumbled a bit around page 90, it has picked up and I am eager to finish the novel.

The Tea:  Twinings Fresh & Fruity Raspberry, Strawberry, and Loganberry.

        A rich red berry infusion with a sweet juicy flavor. The sweetness of the strawberry contrasts with the sharper taste of raspberry and loganberry to create a delicious and refreshing blend.

Technically this is not a tea; it is an infusion and contains no tea at all. Although its nice and fruity and offers a taste of summer on a chilly, gloomy, British-like day. The taste could be likened to summer berries in a cup. Seeing how I never use sugar, this tea was naturally sweet yet had a bit of a bite to it.


Do they go together?

I am not exactly sure what type of tea goes with a vampire novel. I was about to make a pot of Voodoo tea, when I spotted the Fresh & Fruity tea. The Fresh & Fruity tea won for the simple reason it was already in a teabag where the Voodoo tea was loose and I didn’t want to go to the trouble of finding a tea strainer then filling it.

Surprisingly this tea actually did go with the book. Not only did the tea have a bite to it, when it was steeped, it turned a medium red colour.


The book does actually mention chamomile tea, but I wasn’t in the mood for a mellow tea.

*When reading, I always make a pot of tea, now I finally have a place to share my tea and tome selection! 


Angela bird


Anastasia @ Birdbrain(ed) Book Blog said...

Any time I'm reading a book with vampires, pirates, or some sort of violent thing in it I always think I should be drinking Blood orange tea, even though I haven't had any in over a year. Haha!

Angela Renee said...

Unfortunately, I was out of Blood Orange tea.