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A Novel Seduction by Gwyn Cready

a_novel_seduction Title: A Novel Seduction
Author: Gwyn Cready
Publisher: Pocket Star Books
ISBN: 978-1-4516-1264-6
$7.99 U.S./ $9.99 Canada
Format: Mass-Market Paperback
Pages: 373
How I Read It: Mass-Market Paperback from Publisher
Rating: 5 Cups

rating 5

When snobbish book critic Ellery Sharpe screws up at Vanity Place magazine, her boss assigns her the ultimate punishment: write an ode to romance novels, a genre she considers the literary equivalent of word search puzzles. To make matters worse, he hires her sexy former party boy ex, Axel Mackenzie, to shoot the photos. Axel really wants the project to succeed. For one, the magazine will double his fee if he convinces strong-willed Ellery to write a story no woman can resist. Besides, getting Ellery to fall for romance novels might be just the push she needs to believe people can change . . . even him. At his sister’s advice, Axel gives Ellery a copy of Kiltlander, a much-adored romance whose warrior hero is utterly irresistible. To her dismay, Ellery finds herself secretly falling in love with the story—and with Axel, who’s drawing his own lessons from the book’s compelling hero. With her carefully crafted image of herself crumbling and her dream job on the line, will Ellery risk it all to make the leap from tight-lipped literati to happily-ever-after heroine?
(from the back cover)

My First Thoughts After Reading The Blurb:

This has the potential to be a rather grand read. The name Axel Mackenzie sounds so sexy. 

My Review:

After writing up a scathing review of Bettina Moore’s memoirs, Ellery Sharpe finds herself being forced to write an ode to romance novels. And who better to be her photographer and guide into the world of  romance novels than her bad boy ex, Axel Mackenzie?
My Thoughts:

I have read devoured Gwyn Cready’s time travel romances-- thoroughly enjoying each of them. When I was offered this book to review, I jumped at the chance. Although I was not, sure how this would play out since this is a contemporary rather than a time travel.  I am please to say that this book was just as brilliant as her time travel romances.

Right from the start, I was hooked and found that I could not put this book down. Some romance novels start off a bit slow gaining speed only after the first steamy scene, which was not the case with A NOVEL SEDUCTION. Because the hero and heroine had a history, the novel starts at a good pace, which continues throughout the novel.

I also loved the fact that this is a romance novel about a woman that hates romance novels. It’s a plotline that you do not see often in the world of romance novels and I found that to be intriguing.

I will admit it--I was an Ellery Sharpe. I loathed romance novels and believed them to be a waste of reading time until my second year at Uni when I was forced to read one romance a week for two months straight. For the first two weeks I then started to loath my Professor, until I found that one novel that clicked with me and opened the doors to a whole new world of novels.  Sadly, I did not have anyone who looked as yummy as Axel to act as my guide. 

I could identify with Ellery and her dislike of romance novels, which made me even more intrigued with the novel. In addition, I loved the way that it was Axel who acted as her guide into the world of romance novels.


This was a witty contemporary romance, with believable characters and plot less taken approach. A perfect book to cozy up with.

A fun fact:

The three romance novels that Axel gives Ellery to read are based upon actual novels and one of them is Gwyn’s.



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