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Waltz With A Stranger by Pamela Sherwood

imagesCA9ZB3R4_thumb "May I have this dance?"

Aurelia wasn't hiding exactly. She just needed to get out of the crush of the ballroom—away from the... people staring at her scar, pitying her limp. She was still quite enjoying the music from the conservatory. And then a complete stranger—dashing, debonair, kind—asked her to waltz. In the strength of his arms, she felt she could do anything. But both would be leaving London soon...

When they meet again a year later, everything has changed. She's no longer a timid mouse. And he's now a titled gentleman—with a fiancée. Is the magic of one stolen moment, one undeniable connection enough to overcome a scandal that would set Society ablaze and tear their families apart?

Title: Waltz with a Stranger, Author: Pamela Sherwood, ISBN: 978-1-4022-7322-3, Format: Mass-Market Paperback, $6.99/£4.99, Release Date: December 2012, How I Read It: Personal library, Rating 5 Cups

My Thoughts:

After a horrible horse-riding accident that left her with more than just physical scars, Aurelia Newbold waltzes with a handsome stranger in a conservatory.

A year later the handsome stranger, James Trelawney, finds himself newly titled and in need for a wife, thus he enters into an agreement with none other than Aurelia Newbold’s twin sister, Amy. Aurelia and James find themselves thrown into each other’s company as unseen circumstances cause James to confide in Aurelia.

Filled with sexual tension, honor-bound promises, a death inquiry, and a smuggling venture that places James and Aurelia in dire danger, Waltz with a Stranger has everything a good novel requires.

While the story focuses on James and Aurelia, this is Amy’s story as well and the events that unfold in each one of their lives had me continually flipping the pages to discover if they ever received their HEA.

I was a bit worried when I started reading the book that I would not like Aurelia as I found her a bit whiny for my taste but I was glad that she finally found a way to rise above her whininess. James was a very endearing character, while I was a bit angry with him for asking Amy to marry him, the author made him suffer because of his choice and it made for good reading.

Another thing that I liked was the Cornish setting as I have become addicted to books set in Cornwall. Plus, this book actually focused on a plot rather than just trying to figure out a way to get the hero and heroine in bed.

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