Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Change of Plans by Nora Roberts

Second Nature

Celebrity magazine reporter Lee Radcliffe is at the top of her game when she scores an exclusive interview with bestselling horror writer Hunter Brown. But the notoriously private author has one condition: the interview must be conducted over the course of a camping trip. Lee will do anything to get the story, but after some one-on-one time with her ruggedly handsome interviewee, she finds the only thing she wants an exclusive on... is his heart.

Summer Desserts

When Summer Lydon, dessert chef extraordinaire, is approached to revamp the kitchen at Blake Cocharan's Philadelphia hotel, she's hesitant at first, but the project and Blake himself are too tempting to deny. Accustomed to traveling the world, love-resistant Summer gets her first real taste of staying in one place—and all the pleasures to be savored when love is on the menu.

Publisher: Silhouette  Genre: Contemporary Romance| Source: Publisher | Rating: 4 Cups

Challenge Read For: Reading Through Nora Roberts

A Change of Plans is two novella length novels in one. Second Nature was the stronger of the two character-wise, while Summer Desserts would make for a fun little summer read.
Second Nature Rating: 4 Cups
Top Celebrity magazine reporter Lee Radcliffe is determined to score an interview with the highly sought after, highly private bestselling horror writer Hunter Brown. When she gets a tip that Hunter will be speaking at a writer’s conference, she mistakes him for an employee of the hotel. Lee’s mistake payoffs and Hunter offers her the exclusive she has been seeking. Although there’s a catch: to get her exclusive Lee must conduct her interview during a two week camping trip. There’s only one problem: the attraction between the two is hotter than the weather.  
I liked Second Nature. The plot was intriguing and both of the characters were strong characters. I found Hunter and his air of mystery exceedingly intriguing. I was drawn to him and wanted to know more about him and why he acted the way he did. 
The sexual tension was strong in this book but wasn’t overly done. My only problem with this novel was it wasn’t long enough. Leading up to the BBM was so detailed then after the BBM, I felt as though there was a rush to get everything done and dusted.
Overall, I loved Second Nature. Definitely one to read over during a weekend or a stormy night.
Summer Desserts Rating: 3 Cups
Summer Lydon is a highly sought after chef who Blake Cocharan wants to revamp his hotel’s kitchen. While Summer’s a bit hesitant, Blake refuses to take no for an answer. Although his offering’s not the only thing that’s tempting. Summer realizes she wants Blake just as bad as he wants her. However, she’s not sure she believes in loves and Blake not going to let her go.
Summer Desserts was a quick little read. The characters were charming, the plot fluid, and the chemistry was running high although there was sense of been-there-done-that to the concept. 
Overall, it was a good little read full of fluff that would make for a cute little beach read. 
A Change of Plans was a cute little collection. While both Second Nature and Summer Desserts were originally released in the late ‘80’s neither feel outdated and other than the character’s smoking like a chimneys and the lack of mobiles being used you couldn’t really tell that these were from the ‘80’s. 
On a side note,  I would have liked to have had the connected novels in the same book rather than having them in separate ones.


Anonymous said...

I read Second Nature when it first came out and lost my copy somehow. I'm going to be buying this book just for that one story.

Thanks for sharing.


Anna Cade said...

Oh I love when one of the characters is in the writing world. Fun to see that side. I love Nora as JD Robb but haven't gotten into her actual Nora books. Might have to give this one a go!