Saturday, January 10, 2015

Personal Reading Challenge: Conquering 'The Box'

ß See that over there where the arrow is pointing? That is ‘THE BOX’ *cue dramatic music* that I mean to conquer before the year’s over. If I can manage it before summer rolls around, all the better.
What’s in this box you ask. Well, it’s filled with romance books that I purchased last year and never got around to reading. Some of these are books that I’ve purchased because of blog recommendations. Other’s I’ve picked up because I liked the storylines or the covers caught my eyes or it was from a new line that I was trying out. Then there are some that just sort of jumped in my shopping cart on their own free will.
'The Box'
I. Will. Conquer. This. Box.  While this is my own personal reading challenge, some of the titles will fit perfectly in other reading challenges that I’ve joined in on, which works out rather nicely.
Contents of 'The Box'

There's so many yummy books in ‘The Box’ that I am just itching to read and two that I’ve started on, Aftershock by Jill Shalvis and Loving Rose by Stephanie Laurens.


My Goal:

Since ‘The Box’ contains 33 books, I would like to have 5-8 read and reviewed by Lent, which falls on 2/18. And the remainder of the books finished by the end of the year, although preferably by summer.

If I don’t meet my goal of 5-8 books by 2/18, I will be giving up buying books for Lent.

That means if I don’t meet my goal, I will not be purchasing books for 40 days.


Books that I've Read from 'The Box'

1-Aftershock by Jill Shalvis
2-The Child They Didn't Expect
3-Expecting The CEO's Child



Sophia Rose said...

Now that's a real challenge! No book buying for 40 days if you don't meet the number. Go, Angela, go!

Angela @ Simply Angela said...

I don't know if I will survive not buying books for 40 day! lol