Monday, June 15, 2015

Arthur & George {ITV Series Review}

In 1906, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, having lost his first wife, was overcome with grief; even Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson refused his call. It was only when his secretary, Woodie, presented him with an apparent real-life miscarriage of justice, that he could be roused to action. The case in question was that of George Edalji, a Parsee solicitor, who was imprisoned for writing obscene letters and killing livestock in Great Wyrley, Staffordshire. George needed Arthur's help to clear his name. However, as the twists and turns of the case unfold, Arthur himself questions George's innocence. It is only by finding the true culprit, that Arthur can finally put the case, and his grief, to rest; whilst simultaneously becoming influential in a major reform to the English judicial system.
Rating: 4

First, let me start off by saying that I am reviewing the Region 2 DVD that I purchased. If you purchase this DVD, you will need multi-region DVD player to play it. Arthur and George will be coming to Masterpiece Theater sometime in the future.
In this three-part ITV series, we see a new side of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of Sherlock Holmes. His wife has died, he has killed off Sherlock Holmes—who he very much despises at this point in his life, and he’s struggling with his feelings for the woman he later marries. So it’s a very different time in the author’s life.
When George Edalji’s case is brought to Doyle’s attention the author decides to turn into the sleuth he’s created and investigate what he believes is a miscarriage of justice.
There were two reasons that I had to watch this three-part series. The first being I’m a huge Martin Clunes fan. The second, I adore Arthur Conan Doyle and have a particular interest in this period in his life.
This series is based off a book (of the same name) by author Julian Barnes who based his book off the true-life events known as the 'Great Wyrley Outrages’. While I haven’t read the book, I have read about this point in Doyle’s life and was intrigued by how well the series matched up with the events that later changed the justice system.
I thought the actors were brilliantly cast. Clunes portrayed a believable Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the others were just as convincing in their roles. While the series was entertaining, there was a bit of lull during the second episode and parts of the third episode felt a little rushed yet I felt when combined, the flow worked and allowed the viewer to gain a sense of what was going on.
The mystery was riveting and had me constantly on my toes and changing my mind about who was involved in the rippings.
Overall, I truly enjoyed Arthur & George. The cinematography was amazing, the actors were spellbinding, and the mystery was so intriguing I dared not to blink.  I would really like to see this series continue.

So lovelies, do you liked it when a series is based on real-life events?
 Have you read about this period in Doyle’s life?
Or read the Book Arthur & George?


Lanies Book Thoughts said...

I havent heard about this before or seen anything but this sounds really neat. I love Sherlock Holmes and this sounds very similar but without the stuck up Holmes running the show. I'm glad your enjoying it! Ill have to see if I can find a copy of this somewhere:)

Angela @ Simply Angela said...

It should be releasing in America soon. I know it was on the 2015 lineup for Masterpiece Theatre. I had to order the UK version, but I didn't mind since I have a multi-region DVD player.

Lanies Book Thoughts said...

Oooh, off to Amazon I go. Lol