Friday, December 11, 2015

Her Mistletoe Cowboy by Marie Ferrarella

Kimberly Lee isn't sure what she'll find when she comes to Forever, Texas, to do a story on a groundbreaking program that could put this small town on the map. It certainly isn't the warm, friendly community that makes the roving reporter feel instantly at home. Or the accident that lays her up at Garrett White Eagle's ranch, where the blue-eyed rancher awakens feelings she long ago gave up.
Giving people hope again is the goal of the healing ranch Garrett started with his brother. And the lovely, hardworking writer is no exception. Doesn't Kim realize how much good they can do—together? Her future is here with him if she's willing to trust in a love that could fulfill the promise of forever.
Series: Forever, Texas # | Publisher: American Romance | Genre: Contemporary Romance | Source: MLM Media | Rating: DNF
I liked the premise of this one. The heroine comes to a small-middle-of-nowhere-town to write a story on the healing ranch owned by the handsome hero then an accident forces her to spend time at his ranch.
Sounds good right? Handsome rancher, forced proximity, heroine that’s out of her element. I really thought this one would be one that I couldn’t put down and I really was hooked on Garrett from the start. He’s kind, caring, devoted to his brother and the healing ranch. He also has this amazing sense of humor.
Sadly, the heroine ruined the book for me. It wasn’t that Kimberly was a journalist—those do have the tendency to go either way for me—it was the simple fact she was such a negative, whiny person. And so bloody stupid—TSTL. When her GPS stopped working, she actually parked her car on the side of the road because she’s 28 years old and a product of the digital age so she doesn’t know how to read a map. Then she goes on this whiny little rant about how she is going to bake to death in her rented car. Honestly, Garrett just should have left her there.
I was so ready to walk away from the book, but I was only at the end of Chapter 1, so I kept reading. I wanted to see how Kimberly would act once she was on the page with Garrett. Unfortunately, things did not improve. She went from whiny to negative. Every time Garrett would say something, Kimberly had a snarky negative reply.
Overall, I made it to page 75 then skipped ahead and found that she was still overly annoying. While I loved Garrett’s humor and caring nature, he still wasn’t enough to make me finish this book and it ended up becoming a DNF for me.

MARIE FERRARELLA’s first romance was bought by Second Chance at Love in 1981. She has also been published by Silhouette, Harlequin, Zebra, Harper, Bantam and Berkeley. She has received several RITA nominations from the Romance Writers of America Association over the years with one win for Father Goose in the traditional romance category. She has also been nominated several times in various categories by Romantic Times Magazine.

How far do you get before you decide to DNF a book?

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