Monday, January 4, 2016

How To Lose A Bachelor by Anna Banks

Revenge was never this much fun...
When Rochelle Ransom auditioned for the dating show Luring Love, she had big plans for winning the prize money to help her favorite charity-and if she won the hot bachelor's heart, even better. But at the last minute she finds out the hot bachelor is her ex-boyfriend, Grant Drake. Desperate to keep her distance from him, she'll do anything-and everything-to get voted off.
Years ago, Rochelle broke Grant's heart, and he's out for revenge. There's no way he'll vote her off.
After all, vengeance is a dish best served red-hot...and on live television.
When her hilarious antics to get kicked off the show escalate, Grant's reminded why he fell in love with her the first time. Now he isn't sure which might be more fun... Seeing how far Rochelle is willing to go to get away or how far he will to keep her forever
Series: | Publisher: Entangled Bliss| Genre: Contemporary Romance | Source: Publisher | Rating: 1

Okay, so have you ever had a book that you didn’t really care for yet, for some strange reason, you continued to read it even though you were constantly rolling your eyes and wondering why grown adults would act this way? Well, that was How to Lose a Bachelor.
Here’s what’s going on. Rochelle has joined the cast of a dating show, Luring Love, in order to win the prize money and donate it to a charity that’s close to her heart. What she didn’t realize was the fact that the guy who broke her heart years ago is the bachelor. Now, Rochelle will resort to public embarrassment to get voted off. Grant has plans to make Rochelle suffer for breaking his heart and the fact that it’s on national television is just icing on the cake, so there’s no way he’s voting her off. Although plans often go awry, and soon they discover that the feelings they once shared still linger.
I’m not one for dating shows but when I read the blurb for this one, I thought that this was going to be a cute little novel with a bit of humor thrown in. I’m usually addicted to books from the Bliss-imprint, yet this one just didn’t work for me.
The characters just bloody annoyed me. Rochelle’s a lawyer and Grant specializes in security, yet both of them resorted to childish games that would make me question ever hiring either of them.
Then we have the fact that they both, more or less, tortured each other with their games and on one occasion, Rochelle actually resorted to kneeing Grant in the groin.
Conflict reigned in this book, so much in fact that I couldn’t believe that their HEA would actually last. Yet the conflict stemmed from an even in their past that could have been cleared up by an actual conversation.
Overall, why in the world I kept reading this, I’ll never know. I never truly like the characters, they were annoying and extremely childish and I found myself wanting to give them a time out. I was hoping that I would find something in it that I liked and unfortunately, I just ended up wasting my time.  

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