Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mini Blog Ahead My Goals and Progress

The lovely Anna over @ herding cats and burning soup is hosting another Blog Ahead.
Vacations, Emergencies, Blogger Burn out--they hit us all. And our first Blog Ahead challenge of the year is here to help! This May join up with dozens of other bloggers to blog ahead and up your number of scheduled blog posts.
The Goal: Increase your number of "Scheduled Posts" by 15 posts.
The Dates:  May 1-15

So, I’ve had a horrible time getting my Bloggery self together. It’s not that I’ve hit a blogging slump, it’s that I’ve been having technical problems. It started with my laptop’s battery dying and then not calibrating correctly. Only to conclude with a group of deranged squirrels chewing through the phone line, actually all the power lines. And I’ve been dealing with these problems since December.


Everything is finally back in working order—and squirrel guarded. Now, I need to focus on getting some posts scheduled. I was a little late joining in, but I’m hoping to get back on track.


The goal of the challenge is to have 15 posts scheduled. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get a bit more but we shall see.


My Progress


Scheduled Posts I started with:  0


May 4th (my first day joining in): 3 Scheduled Posts


May 5th:  No progress


May 6th : No Progress


May 7th : No Progress


May 8th : 5 Scheduled Posts


May 9th : 7 Scheduled Posts


May 10th : 11 Scheduled Posts


May 11th : No Progress


May 12th:


May 13th:


May 14th:

May 15th:

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