Wednesday, August 24, 2016

His to Possess by Delores Fossen

Time passes, but passion—and vengeance—endure


The erotic memories are not Olivia's own, yet they shake her to her core. And she knows what it is to be shaken: years ago, a deranged stalker drove her into a life of isolation and distrust. But enigmatic Lucian Wilde will breach all Olivia's defenses, down to her bare skin and very soul.


Lucian believes he and Olivia host the spirits of two lovers brutally murdered decades before. He, too, is consumed by waking dreams of wild encounters with a woman he's never met, inhabiting heated flesh not his own. It's intoxicating, maddening, frightening. When he and Olivia meet, the sensual compulsion is irresistible. She is Marissa, he is Damien—and their desires won't be denied.


But the person who murdered Marissa and Damien is still out for blood. To entice the killer, Olivia and Lucian must give in to passion and possession…and pray that history won't be repeated.


Publisher: Harlequin E-Shivers |  Genre:  Gothic Romance| Source: Publisher | Rating: 3.5 Cups

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Olivia and Lucian are having erotic dreams and memories that belong to a pair of lovers who were brutally murdered nearly thirty years ago. They soon realize that Marissa and Damien are possessing them and they must fight the possession and the erotic desire to discover who murdered Marissa and Damien before Olivia and Lucian meets the same fate.
I’ve never read an erotic gothic thriller before so this was definitely something different and interesting. Everything about it was so intense from the passion and pull Lucian and Olivia felt for each other to the mystery of who murdered Marissa and Damien.
While Olivia and Lucian were very interesting characters—both have interesting backstories—I was never really sure who Olivia and Lucian were because they spent nearly the entire book possessed by Marissa and Damien. Yet, that worked for this novella because it added to that gothic thriller quality it had. Although I will say that Marissa—the ghost—is a very prominent figure in the book, it was almost as though this was her story and the others were just acting it out.
The relationship between Olivia and Lucian was interesting. They were attracted to each other from the start but it was Marissa and Damien spurring the attraction on.
I really liked the way the murderer was revealed. Throughout the book, clues are given but it’s not until the ending that everything finally adds up. What I was slightly disappointed in was the way the possession was handled. Given the way the book went, I really thought there was more to the possession so I was a bit let down when that wrapped up.
Overall, I love gothic thrillers and this one kept me read until the very last page.

Do you enjoy reading thrillers?

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