Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Roman's Choice by Rhonda Lee Carver

Roman Jericho, and his brothers, are known in Texas for their striking good looks and skill as ranchers--among other things that keep the ladies hot on their tails. The last thing Roman wants, or needs, is another marriage that ends with an empty bank account and bed so he steers clear.
Relationship Guru, Pippa Wilder, is at the top of her career. Two bestselling, self-help books and speaking engagements all over the country, she offers advice that saves marriages. But if only her fans knew how upside down her own love life is. Relationship after relationship fizzled. When she sees tall, strapping, and handsome stroll into the lobby at the Vegas casino, she drops all logic into the slot, pulls the lever and watches her life spin in front of her. She's lost in smoky blue eyes and callused hands--and that husky Texas twang.
After falling in lust, they do something real crazy. They find themselves drunk on hormones, standing before an Elvis impersonator getting hitched. When all hell breaks loose in the media, to save her career Pippa must save her marriage.
Roman has always been the 'go-with-the-flow' type so when his 'wife' shows up on his ranch needing his help he's more than willing to oblige--especially if it means they'll be husband and wife in every way. He's got it bad for the petite, spitfire and can't seem to get enough.
Finding themselves smack-dab in the spotlight and on the cover of trash magazines, Roman isn't sure he's cut out to be in the public eye--he wants his wife, but he refuses to be called Mr. Pippa Wilder. Roman realizes it's time to make a choice...or take the lead. This could be fun, or very messy.
Series: Saddle's and Second Chances #1 |Genre: Contemporary Romance| Source:  Author| Rating: 3 Cups

Roman’s a former rodeo star and Pippa’s a relationship expert. They meet by chance, spend a sex-filled night together, then wake up married. When Pippa comes to her senses, she decides it would be best if they file for divorce, after all how would it look if a relationship guru marries a guy she just met? Although when it’s brought to Pippa’s attention that it would be better for her career if she stayed married, she heads to Roman’s ranch to convince him to give their marriage a try.


I was really looking forward to because it had potential to be grand. She’s a city slicker moving to a working ranch because she married a cowboy in Vegas. That could have been really interesting but, sadly, I struggled with this one.


I couldn’t really get behind Pippa. She just seemed extremely selfish to me and willing to do what she could to further her career and not look bad in the media. If the roles were reversed and Roman had to went to Pippa asking to stay together for the sake of his career, I have a feeling should would have said no. She just seemed like a user to me.


I liked Roman to a point. He, along with his brothers, run a working ranch and lookout for their little niece. His first marriage was a train wreck and he’s still dealing with some of the fallout. He’s a protector and willing to help those around him. Roman just seems a good guy but he also allows Pippa to walk over him and that just annoyed me. I wanted to shake him and tell him that she was just using him.


Their relationship seemed a bit off kilter to me. I didn’t feel the chemistry or the connection between them and  I think it came from the fact it seemed like Pippa was doing things just to further her career. I also struggled with the fact that, rather than talking things out, they just jumped into bed.


Overall, while I liked aspects of this novel, Pippa just sort of ruined it for me.

Do you struggle with a book when
you don’t like one of the characters?

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