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Audiobook Review: The Last Boyfriend by Nora Roberts

Owen is the organizer of the Montgomery clan, running the family’s construction business with an iron fist - and an even less flexible spreadsheet. And though his brothers give him grief for his compulsive list making, the Inn BoonsBoro is about to open right on schedule. The only thing Owen didn’t plan for was Avery MacTavish....  

Avery’s popular pizza place is right across the street from the inn, giving her a first-hand look at its amazing renovation - and a newfound appreciation for Owen. Since he was her first boyfriend when they were kids, Owen has never been far from Avery’s thoughts. But the attraction she’s feeling for him now is far from innocent.  

As Avery and Owen cautiously take their relationship to another level, the opening of the inn gives the whole town of BoonsBoro a reason to celebrate. But Owen’s hard work has only begun. Getting Avery to let down her guard is going to take longer than he expected - and so will getting her to realize that her first boyfriend is going to be her last…. 

Series: Inn BoonsBoro #2 | Publisher: Brilliance Audio | Narrator: MacLeod Andrews  | Length: 10 hrs and 40 mins | Genre: Contemporary Romance | Source: Publisher | Ratings: 4 Cups

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So this is the second book in the Inn BoonsBoro trilogy and I was thrilled to be back in the world of the Montgomery brothers. While I enjoyed Avery and Owen, this book felt a little lackluster to me.
Here’s what’s going on. Owen and Avery have been friends since childhood, now they’ve finally stopped fighting their attraction and decided to see where things will lead. Although, due to things that happened in her past, Avery is hesitant to fully allow her feelings for Owen to surface and Owen will stop at nothing to convince her they’re meant to be together.
Owen and Avery was such a fun couple. He lives by schedules and lists and she’s more of a spur of the moment type so they had that opposites attract thing going on and I loved watching that play out.
I really liked Owen. He’s was a solid, dependable guy who loves his family and will do anything he can for them. Plus, I’m a total sucker for organized guys. I struggled with Avery. I completely understood where she was coming from but the way she handled things didn’t gel with me and I ended up not liking her at times. I also found her to act a bit immature and annoying, especially when she was with Hope
There was still quite a bit of information thrown in about the inn. While it wasn’t as annoying or distracting as it was in book one—I guess I knew what was coming with inn descriptions this time—I still felt that it could have been carved down so more time could have been given to the characters.
Okay, so this is probably going to sound a little silly, but my favorite thing about this book was Lizzie, the ghost. More of her story was revealed and I found her to be interesting.
This was my second time listening to MacLeod Andrews narrate. While I knew what to expect with his narration style, I still found that his female and child narrations came off as whiney. I do enjoy his male narrations although I would have liked to have seen more of a distinction between Owen and Beckett. Out of his narrations for all three Montgomery brothers, Ryder is the only one that had a different narration style.

Overall, this one wasn’t a bad book, I thoroughly enjoyed Owen and Avery, but it was lackluster and left me wanting more.

 Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy
2-The Last Boyfriend
3-The Perfect Hope

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