Thursday, April 20, 2017

Inspector Specter by E.J. Copperman

Just when she thought she'd seen everything... Detective Lieutenant Anita McElone is one of Harbor Haven's finest. She's also a hard-boiled ghost skeptic. So when she shows up on the doorstep of Alison Kerby's Haunted Guesthouse to ask for supernatural help in solving the murder of her former partner, it's hard to tell which woman is more flabbergasted. But McElone is dead serious, so Alison promises to help in any way she can - even asking her resident ghosts, Paul and Maxie, for help with the case. As Paul's spirit source reveals some troubling information about the deceased detective, Alison wrestles with what to tell McElone. First, though, she has to find her... because the lieutenant has suddenly disappeared.

Series: Haunted Guesthouse #6 | Publisher: Audible Studios | Narrator: Amanda Ronconi  | Length: 9 hrs and 42 mins | Genre: Contemporary Cozy Mystery| Source: Publisher | Ratings: 4 Cups

Challenges Read For: Cruisin' Thru the Cozies Paranormal  

Since becoming a private investigator with the ability to communicate with ghosts, Alison Kerby has become used to strange people (living and dead) showing up at her door asking for help. But she’s completely baffled when Lieutenant Anita McElone, who happens not to believe in ghosts, shows up on her doorstep asking if Alison could use her special ghost abilities to look into the death of her former partner, Martin Ferry. Agreeing, Alison soon uncovers information that could mean Anita’s ex-partner was a dirty cop. As the investigation progresses and Lieutenant McElone disappears, Alison has no choice but to look into Ferry’s connection to the mob. And given that both her resident ghosts, Maxie and Paul, have their own things going on, Alison is, more or less, on her own.
This has to be one of my favorites from the series and it was so nice being back in Alison’s world.  I really enjoyed the fact McElone, who refuses to even step inside Alison’s house and refuses to believe ghosts are real, wants Alison’s help.
I really enjoyed the character growth in this one. Alison is becoming more accustomed to her ability to see ghosts as well as being an amateur private eye. She’s also more comfortable in her relationship with Josh. Maxie and Paul are growing more comfortable with the ghost forms as well.
There’s two different strands of mysteries that tie together in this one and I have to say they were both handled brilliantly. I did have my suspicions but I wasn’t completely sure what was going on until the very end. It was also nice seeing Alison more hands on in the investigation.
Amanda Ronconi, once again, does a brilliant job narrating this book.  
Overall, it was nice to see this series getting back to what I’ve loved about it. There was mystery, snark, and more than a few surprises.

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