Monday, June 5, 2017

One Taste of Angel by Violetta Rand


I’ve bled for my club. Taken four bullets. Buried eight brothers in six years. Screwed a hundred women. And only loved one. The one I lost. But there's something about Serafina that reminds me of just exactly what was taken from me. Not just because I can't resist a damsel in distress.


To Eagle, I’m dead. Murdered and cremated, my ashes interred at the local cemetery. Part of a past I left long ago to save his life. Seeing him now, touching him again makes me weak, even if he doesn't recognize the woman I've become. Since my escape from Holly Beach five years ago, I’ve lived by my own rules. And no matter how much I love Eagle, he’s not going to break those rules.
Series: Iron Norseman #1 | Publisher: SMP Swerve| Genre: Contemporary Romance| Source: Publisher | Rating: 3 Cups

Challenges Read For: Bad Boys of Romance

What happen when the president of a MC falls for the woman he thought was dead?
Here’s what’s going on. When Eagle rescues Serafina from a bachelor party, there’s something about her that he’s drawn to and he’s willingly to do anything to protect her. There’s a reason Eagle’s drawn to her, even though he doesn’t realize it. Serafina is Angel, the woman he loved and thought was dead. She fake her death to save them both from her brother’s MC. And now that she’s be found out, the danger is back.
The blurb of this one intrigued me. It offered ‘two star-crossed lovers from rival MC's, divided by their families' bloody history’. So basically, they’re supposed to be the Romeo and Juliet of the MC world.
And things were going good. The prologue had all the danger and grit I love in a MC romance and the first few chapters had me hooked. Then it started losing that MC feel and started turning into a bit more mainstream. Eventually it did pick up that MC feel again only to lose it after a few pages. That rival MC feel that was promised, was lacking because there was very little club business going on. Sure, it was mentioned from time to time but nothing like what I was expecting.
I did like Eagle. He’s been through the ringer. Angel’s ‘death’ not only crushed his soul, it caused his Iron Norseman brothers to die. So, he’s been emotionally gutted  and, at one point, he was ready to give up just to be with her. I didn’t really care for Serafina/Angel. She just seemed selfish, even when she had a chance to confess who she was, she let Eagle believe she was someone else. And what I couldn’t understand is why she faked her death rather than going to the Iron Norseman for help. The club accepted her as one of their own and would do anything to protect her. And Eagle was a big boy, if she would have told him what was going on, he could have handled things.
So, the romance was hot and steamy and there was an attraction between them but I couldn’t buy some of the romance, especially once he found out she was Angel.
A few things just didn’t make sense to me like how easy it was for Eagle and the rest of the Iron Norseman to accept Angel back into their lives. Her actions caused club members to die and nearly cost them Eagle’s life. Lives were lost and trust was broken so I just don’t see a them accepting her back into the fold. Then there’s this whole ‘we’re one percenters’ thing. Yeah, they’re totally legit, so definitely not one percenters.
Overall, the book promised more than it delivered. If it would have just been a modern day Romeo and Juliet story rather than a MC book, it would have made a world of difference and I would have rated it higher. As a MC book, I just couldn’t buy their actions.

What’s your favorite MC series?

Do you prefer them gritty or mainstream?


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