Friday, November 3, 2017

Must Love Kilts: A Time Travel Romance by Angela Quarles

A drunken bet....

When computer game designer Traci Campbell gets too close and personal with a bottle of Glenfiddich while vacationing in Scotland, she whisks her kilt-obsessed sister back to 1689 to prove hot guys in kilts are a myth. Hello, hundred bucks! But all bets are off when she meets Iain, the charming playboy in a to-die-for kilt.

Wrong place, wrong time, wrong name....

Iain MacCowan regularly falls in love at the drop of his kilt. The mysterious red-haired lass with the odd accent is no different. But when his new love is discovered to be a Campbell, the most distrusted name in the Highlands, his dalliance endangers his clan's rebellion against King William.

It's all hijinks in the Highlands until your sister disappears....

Traci thinks men are only good for one thing - thank you, Iain! - but when she awakens once again in Ye Olde Scotland and her sister is gone, she must depend on the last person she wants to spend more time with. He wants to win a heart, she wants to keep hers, but can these two realize they're meant for each other before the Jacobite rebellion pulls them apart?
Series: Must Love Series # 3| Publisher: | Narrator: Mary Jane Wells | Length: 8 hrs and 30 mins | Genre: Time Travel Romance | Source: Author | Ratings: 4 Cups 

A spunky game designer and an eighteenth-century Highlander? Oh, yes, please!! And thank you very much!
I am seriously loving this series! If you’ve finished the Outlander books or if you’re not able to watch series 3, then I highly recommend that you pick up a copy of this to get you through Droughtlander.
Here’s what’s going on. Blame it on the empty bottle of Glenfiddich. After a night getting acquainted with one of Scotland’s finest spirits, Traci is determined to prove to her sister that hot guys in kilts is just a myth so, thanks to the help of the magical calling card case, they travel back to 1689 Scotland. But there’s only one problem, Traci finds herself enamored with a sexy Highlander named Iain. And things go from bad to worse when she not only discovers that she somehow married the man but she’s also lost her sister somewhere along the way. Now not only does she have to prove that she’s not a spy for Clan Campbell, she has to try to ignore her feelings for Iain while searching for her sister.
This one was really fun. Hailing from Clan Campbell myself, I always enjoy when one of the characters is a Campbell.
I liked Traci. Having been dragged to every Highland Game around by her parents, it’s sort of gotten old to her and made her lose interest in all things Scottish. So when she has a chance to prove to her sister how wrong she is about the whole hunky-highlander-in-a-kilt thing, she jumps at the chance not realizing that her world’s about to be turned upside down.
I felt a bit bad for Iain. From boyhood he’s been treated like he was daft and he’s grown to believe that he’ll screw up whatever he sets his mind to doing. So he’s lacking confidence yet at the same time he wants to try to prove himself. There’s also this natural born leader quality to him that he’s ignored for so long he doesn’t believe he possesses it. Most of the time, I found myself rooting for Iain but there a few times I wanted to shake some sense into him.
The romance was interesting. There was attraction and sparks but they both had their reasons for fighting it and eventually they figured things out. But it did get a bit iffy from time to time.
There is a bit of alternate history in this one and, given that this is a time travel romance and the fabric of time has shifted a bit due to time travel, I was okay with it. It felt natural rather than something that came out of left field.
Overall, another great addition to a brilliant series. Each time I pick up a book in the Must Love series, I know I’m in for a treat.
 Must Love Series
3-Must Love Kilts


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