Monday, January 7, 2019

My Goals For 2019

2018 was not my year in both my personal life and my blog life and I sort of found myself getting lost in the amount of things I had to do and the mountain of stress that came along with everything. My free time was pretty much nonexistent, which meant my reading/blogging time dwindled down to next to nothing.
As I was searching for my theme of the year and figuring out my 2019 goals, I realized that I wasn’t looking for a reinvention. I don’t want to change I just want to get back to who I was before. So I’m turning to the brilliant mind of Oscar Wilde for my theme of the year.

My Goals
-Meet My Challenges
-Update Goodreads
-Clean Up NetGalley
-Get my commenting groove back (the struggle was real in 2018)
-Read at least 150 books, hopefully more
-Update a few blog features
-Participate in memes
-Add discussions to the blog
-Schedule posts better
-Stop waiting to the last minute to write reviews
-Read more non-fiction
-Declutter (I’ll never be a minimalist because, let’s face it, I like pretty things but I do need to purge a bit)
-Tackle my closets (I need to figure out an organization system that actually works for my clothes, handbags, and shoes)
-Tackle the dreaded craft storage area
-Find a new tree for out front
-Find a new book club (and actually attend)
-Take ‘Me’ Time
-Finish *all* the craft projects I’ve started
-Go back to eating healthy (curb my sweets and takeout)
-Curb my spending (Oh, Ulta, you’re my addiction)
-Explore more
-Say No (and don’t feel sorry about it)
-Keep to a schedule
-Participate more
-Escape every once in a while
-Write more
-Do more yoga
-Attempt mediation
-Keep a better sleep schedule
-Unplug now and again
-Take more pictures

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