Friday, April 12, 2024

Hero Next Door by Lara Swann

Ex-marine. Ex-wife. Ex-hausted.


I left my brothers in the marines to start a family. I left my ex-wife when that family drove her to drink and drugs. Now all I have left is my son - and he's all I care about.


I can't afford to make another mistake. And the girl who moved in next door? Mistake written all over her. She's got the sweetest smile, the hottest damn curves, and behind it all...a haunted look. I can't take my damn eyes off her.


My powerful body and coarse attitude make her nervous - and as she tries to start a new life away from her abusive ex, she has her own reasons to stay away. But we can't help it. We're f--king drawn to each other. And when she tells me how much she wants a baby...I make every mistake in the book. Because I want a family again.


I want her. My son. And a baby. And when her past comes calling...I'll fight to hell and back to keep it.

Publisher: Tantor Audio | Narrators: John Lane, Veronica Worthington | Length: 8h 18 m | Genre: Contemporary Romance |  Source: Audible Plus  | Rating: 3

I was scrolling the Audible Plus catalogue looking for a light, contemporary romance to listen to while I was doing a spot of decluttering and came across Lara Swan. She’s been on my authors to check out list for a minute so I decided to give Hero Next Door a go.

Here’s what’s going on. When Mack and his adorable son help Naomi move a hutch into her new house, she can’t help but to be a little smitten. While they’re both hesitant to start something due to their own personal baggage and responsibilities, there’s no denying the attraction and chemistry between Naomi and Mack and soon they find themselves acting on their feelings. They feel that this could be the start of something real, if their past relationships don’t get in the way.

This was quick, cute, and a little spicy. It was the perfect book that I could listen to and enjoy while focusing on a different task.

Mack and Naomi were great. She’s running from an abusive ex so she’s a bit cautious and hesitant. Mack ended his military career at the insistence of his wife so they could start a family and she ended up walking away from their family when their son was born. They’re both a little damaged and not sure if they want to risk a relationship. I really enjoyed watching as they took the time to build their trust in each other and build a foundation for their relationship. They also allowed each other to heal and that took character growth on both of their parts.

I’m such a sucker for a single daddy romance and found the relationship between Mack and Tyler to be adorable but I don’t feel as though the book as whole lived up to its full potential. It was rushed in spots and I feel as though the internal dialogue gobble up the majority of the story. While I don’t feel as though it was lacking, I still would have liked a bit more communication between the characters.

As this was my first introduction to Lara Swann’s writing, I think it went well. I liked her writing style and enjoyed the British terminology that was sprinkled throughout. I do think I’ll check out more from this author.

Both narrators were new-to-me and I enjoyed their narration of the story.

Overall, this was a nice romance and a perfect break from the meatier stories I’ve been reading. 

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