Friday, December 18, 2009

A Highlander Christmas by Janet Chapman Book Review

Unable to come up with the answer to the equation she had been working on and tormented by a string of emails from a rival scientist, Camry MacKeage decides to leave her highly respected job as a NASA physicist to become a dog-sitter. Camry moves to a small town in Maine, living with in miles of her parents who still believe she is living and working in Florida. Camry’s life has come to a standstill until one day while walking dogs on the beach she happens upon a girl believed to be a runaway. Welcoming the girl into her home and finding her a job along side her at the local tavern things are running smoothly until fate intervenes. On a mission to make amends with Camry’s mother world renowned scientist, Dr. Grace Stutter MacKeage, Luke Pascal takes it upon himself to find Camry and bring her home before the winter solstice. Stopping at the very same tavern Camry and her houseguest, Fiona happen to be working at. After a fight erupts between Fiona and an inebriated group of men, Luke comes to the aid of both Fiona and Camry. Luke soon finds that he is sharing Camry’s house. When Fiona finally decides to return home she leaves a gift for both Camry and Luke. Camry then discovers that the man she has started falling for is not only the man from her emails, but also the man who crashed her mother’s satellite, Podly. The two begin their search for Podly only to find more than they bargained for. Soon the two discover that it’s magic that helping them along the way.

A Highland Christmas by Janet Chapman was the first book that I read in Chapman’s Highlander series. I must say that I was not disappointed and I will defiantly read more of the series. Janet Chapman has combined the perfect blend of Celtic customs, mystery, magic and romance. For me the beginning of the book was a little hard to get into but once I reached chapter three I was hooked. I could not put the book down. Janet Chapman has a way of making her characters come to life. She also holds true to the Scottish traditions including the magic of the Druids. A truly remarkable read that offers all of us a little bit of Christmas magic.

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Jill Buck said...

I've read the whole series and the beginning ones were my favorites but I continue to enjoy the new ones as they are published!