Thursday, December 3, 2009

In the midst of a country with divided loyalties there emerges an epic love story that will take hold of your senses. In Enemy of the King author Beth Trissel takes you into the heart of the Revolutionary War and welcomes you into the lives of Meriwether Steele and her guardian Jeremiah Jordan.

When Meriwether’s father Captain Steele dies, and Meriwether herself falls victim to illness, she is placed within the care of the strappingly handsome widow, Jeremiah Jordan. Meriwether soon finds herself falling deeply in love with the man who has cared for her. She soon realizes that Jeremiah’s loyalties do not lie with the Crown. Uncovering that he is a Patriot spy she soon discovers that this secret may very well be their undoing. Meriwether struggles with the her own strong Loyalist beliefs fearing, knowing that one day she will have to choose between the man she loves and the land she once called home, the land for which her twin brother fights. She soon must choose a side when a group of soldiers in the King’s service come calling to arrest Jeremiah. Shooting the British officer, Captain Vaughan to save her beloved Jeremiah, they are forced to flee deep into the backcountry of South Carolina. On the run like Robin Hood and Maid Marianne, soon the two meet up with the band of men that support the cause of freedom. Jeremiah must keep Meriwether safely out of the hands of the British and out of the arms of his men. Desperate to declare his love her Meriwether, yet still paying a penance to his late wife Rachel, who haunts more than just their memories. Will Jeremiah be released from the crushing grip of Rachel, and give Meriwether the happy ending they both long for? Or will all be lost?

Enemy of the King, is an alluring story of romance, passion, desire, and danger. With characters so perfectly created, like intricate works of art, you feel each and every emotion that they possess. Beth Trissel has created a vast cast of characters that compliment and complete each other as well as the story. Highly descriptive, I could almost smell the jasmine and rosemary as it floats through the air, hear the horse hooves as they pound into the earth, touch the moss as it hang delicately off the trees, and feel the breeze from the bullets as they fly past. Beth Trissel not only places her story in South Caroline, she uses the place it self as another character that springs to life and adds depth. A true work of art that embodies the spirit of historical fiction.

The perfect novel of historical romance, offering the reader an artistic blend of adventure, history, and of course romance. You could feel the heat and passion emanating from Jeremiah and Meriwether. Desire, passion, love, lust, danger, and a haunting sense of foreboding, all contained within the first few chapters making Enemy of the King an enthralling read. Defiantly a book to be read again and again.

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Review by Angela Simmons

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