Saturday, January 16, 2010

My review
In Notorious Royal Marriages author Leslie Carroll takes you into the lives as well as into the bedrooms of 32 royal couples. Highly educational and thoroughly entertaining, this nonfiction book provided readers with a in-depth look into the marriages, affaires, and minds of these remarkable rulers. Leaving no stone unturned in her search to dig up the dirt, Leslie Carroll has thoroughly researched every aspect of these monarchs lives. With so much juicy information, Notorious Royal Marriages reads like the script of a soap opera. Leslie Carroll had left nothing out, the good, the bad, and the really ugly are included. With monarchs ranging from Eleanor of Aquitaine, Ferdinand and Isabella, Henry VIII and his many wives, Mary Queen of Scotts and her three husbands to more modern day rules including Queen Victoria, Princess Diana and many more.

Have you heard that old saying ‘one thing leads to another’? In this book you see how true it is. Notorious Royal Marriages contains information regarding those who married for wealth, power, prestige, and rarely did they marry for love. Although when that event finally happened they would stop at nothing to protect it, even going so far as to abdicate the throne of England like Edward VIII when he married Wallis Simpson.

This has to been of my favorite book regarding the subject of royal marriages. Well researched, and well written. Leslie Carroll’s conversational style makes for a very captivating read. Although I am surprised at how mush information that was able to fit in one book. I would recommend this book to everyone from history buffs to those who enjoy a good romance novel.

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