Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sense & Sensibility Insight Edition By Jane Austen review

Title Sense and Sensibility Insight Edition
Author Jane Austen
Publisher Bethany House
ISBN 978-0-7642-0740-2

In Sense and Sensibility we meet the Dashwood family, three charming girls and their widowed mother, who are forced to move from their beloved home after the death of their father. Promising his father that he would provided for the needs of his stepmother and sisters, John Dashwood’s wife Fanny, eager to get her hands on the family fortune, convinces her husband that the sum was too great and it should be extremely lowered. With little money the family is forced to move to a cottage offered by relatives. We then gain a glimpse into the lives of the two eldest sisters, Elinor, who happens to be practical and the very charming Marianne, who lives for the moment. Different as day and night each sister experiences their own version of love. Elinor with the somewhat stuffy Edward Ferrars, brother to the intolerable Mrs. Fanny Dashwood, and Marianne with the enchanting Willoughby who has the ability to charm a snake. All the while the reasonable but slightly older, Colonel Brandon comes calling for the unwilling Marianne. Although the suitors of the Dashwood girls are both hiding enormous secrets, once discovered these secrets could break both of the girls hearts. In the end which will win Sense or Sensibility?

Sense and Sensibility was the first novel of Jane Austen’s to be published, now Bethany House has published the insight edition. The perfect edition to add or start your Austen collection. Complete with notes pertaining to everything from historical/cultural events, definitions during Jane’s era, to facts and tidbits about Jane’s life. Also included is comments featuring facts pertaining to the movies and pop culture surround the novel. Readers will be pleased to know that the story of Sense and Sensibility has not been altered from the one the Jane Austen wrote. The Insight edition is exactly what it claims, an insight in the world of Sense and Sensibility and the world in which Jane Austen lived. Once again I will say that this is the perfect edition to either start or add to your Jane Austen collection.

This book was provided for review thanks to Bethany House

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Milka said...

Nice! I love Sense and Sensibility as well as all other novels by Jane Austen. This insight edition sounds great and I really enjoy your review!