Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Young Bess by Margaret Irwin review

Growing up in the shadow of her mother, the infamous Anne Boleyn, young Princess Elizabeth has become a master at dodging the constant political games and deflecting the unpredictable royal whims that threaten to topple her precarious royal perch. But when her distant father tyrannical King Henry VIII, dies, the future brightens for Elizabeth. She moves in with Henry’s late wife, Catherine Parr, and Catherine’s new husband, Tom Seymour-the uncle of Elizabeth’s brother, the new King Edward VI.

Handsome Tom, however, is playing a risky game. Marrying a widowed Queen is one thing; flittering with the king’s daughter and second in line for the throne is another. As the adolescent Elizabeth finds herself dangerously attracted to him, the tragedy that looms seems inescapable. Elizabeth will have will have to summon the strength to claim her royal destiny, even if that means facing her future alone……….
(from the back cover)

My thoughts:

Although Young Bess was first published in 1944, Margaret Irwin’s style of writing is both timeless and fresh. Offering new perspectives into the life of a young Elizabeth. Historical and sound with the perfect blind of fiction, Young Bess will delight and inform readers. A masterpiece of Tudor fiction that’s vivid writing will grasp the reader from the very beginning. A must read for all.

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