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Beauty Dates The Beast: A Midnight Liaisons Novel by Jessica Sims

Single human female to join charming, wealthy, single male were-cougar for a night of romantic fun—and maybe more.
Me: The tall, sensuous, open-minded leader of my clan.
You: A deliciously curvy virgin who’s intimately familiar with what goes bump in the night. Must not be afraid of a little tail. Prefer a woman who’s open to exploring her animal nature. Interest in nighttime walks through the woods a plus.
My turn-ons include protecting you from the worst the supernatural world has to offer. Ready for an adventure? Give me a call.
Vampires and doppelgangers need not apply.

Bathsheba Ward is a human virgin working for a paranormal dating service (Midnight Liaisons) while trying to hide her sister Sara (a wolf shifter who also happens to work at the dating service) from the wolf pack that is hunting her. When a notoriously finicky date cancels on a prominent client, the sexy cougar sifter decides that he wants Bathsheba and he’s not taking no for an answer.
Beau Russell, were-cougar and head of the Alliance, has a problem. The female of his clan has been kidnapped by the wolf pack and is going into heat and the date he arranged to spend this time with has just cancelled. Although he’s decided that he wants Bathsheba, who is not only a human but a virgin it’s just going to take a little convincing to get her to agree.
Add in the fact that some mysterious beast is after them, and things get interesting as their attraction grows.
I love good shifter romance but mostly have stuck with the standard werewolf angle, so for me, Beau, being a cougar shifter and going into heat was a fresh take and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Beauty Dates The Beast was a fun and quick read. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started the book because I wasn’t really a fan of her Succubus Diaries (which is under the name, Jill Myles) but I was pleasantly surprised with the start of the Midnight Liaisons series.
Bathsheba is working at Midnight Liaisons for two reasons. First, she needs the money and second, she needs a way to keep track of the wolf pack who is tracking her sister. She knows the rules: humans dating a supe (supernatural being) is forbidden, but when her boss discovers that Beau has marked her, Giselle (the owner of ML) sees her a prized possession: A Human Virgin that will have shifters clamoring for a date.
I liked Bathsheba. She was fun and snarky and has amazing quips. And it was a good thing that I did indeed like her, because the novel was told for her POV. While I questioned some of her actions, I understood the reasons behind them. Although at times, I really wanted to ask her why she was stupid enough to do some of the things she did.
Beau is determined to claim Bathsheba even though he knows it against the rules. I truly loved Beau and I would have liked to have seen more of him and got to know him on a deeper level. I think it would have added another layer to the book if the author would have added his POV.

The chemistry between the characters was there but occasionally was overshadowed by Bathsheba trying to distance herself from him.
I had an inkling of who the baddie was from fairly early on, although I have a bit of a knack for picking up of that sort of things. Yet I believe it will be a surprise for some people.
Overall, I enjoyed I Beauty Dates The Beast. It was an interesting take of the shifter aspect and set up the next book in the series, Desperately Seeking Shifter, brilliantly. While some of the dialogue (like Beau constantly calling Bathsheba ‘sweet Bathsheba’ was a bit annoying, the rest of the book made up for it.
If Christine Warren and Molly Harper had a baby, Jessica Sims would be their creation.

Book Details
Title: Beauty Dates The Beast
Midnight Liaisons Book 1
Author: Jessica Sims
Publisher: Pocket Books
ISBN: 978-1-4391-8823-1
Release Date: 2011
Format: Mass Market Paperback
How I Read It: Mass Market Paperback from Publisher
Rating: 4 Cups


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