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Must Love Fangs: A Midnight Liaisons Novel by Jessica Sims

From the supernatural dating capital of the world, it’s the Midnight Liaisons Dating Game!
Let’s meet our eligible bachelors . . .
“Cold hands, warm heart” applies to Bachelor #1. He believes that nighttime is the right time. Welcome, Bert the vampire!
Bachelor #2 is an old soul—four hundred years old, to be exact. If you want someone to spend eternity with, choose Andre the vampire!
Dying to snuggle up with a strong, sexy were-cougar? Bachelor #3 is a real cat(ch) who will tail the woman of his dreams until his irresistible charm melts her heart. He’s Joshua Russell!
Who’s our lucky bachelorette?
Professional matchmaker Marie Bellavance has hooked up hundreds of were-things, harpies, faeries, and vamps. Now it’s her turn. This alluring human’s not afraid to break the rules. But when nature takes over, a forbidden romance could be her only chance to live a full, healthy life. If there’s a trick to getting turned, she needs to find it . . . fast.

Marie Bellavance is dying from an incurable illness but there’s hope. She’s a professional matchmaker for supernaturals at Midnight Liaisons and she plans on using their database to find a supe willing to change her. Although were-creatures in the Alliance are off the list thanks to the young and horny were-tiger who changed his human girlfriend then dumped her, which leaves vampires as Marie’s only choice. Although Josh is the only person she’s attracted to and because he’s a Russell and a were-cougar, he’s strictly off the table.
Oh, my goodness!!! I loved this book. So far, Must Love Fangs is my favorite book in the Midnight Liaison’s Series.
Marie is snarky, determined, and not afraid to speak her mind. My favorite type of heroine. She knows she’s dying from the same incurable illness that killed her mother, although she’s keeping the secret to herself, so it was nice when she finally let Josh in.
Josh is a were-cougar and a Russell, which means if he turns a human all hell is going to break loose. Not only with the Alliance but with his brother, who is the clan alpha, as well. So it was an interesting situation he found himself in.
I liked Josh. He was my favorite character in the book, which surprised me considering the story is told strictly from Marie’s POV. He had some of the most amazing lines that I’ve ever read.  And I felt that I truly got to know Josh whereas the character of Beau (in book 1) felt a little distant.
The romance and chemistry was leaping from the pages. At times, it felt as though the book would burst into flames—that’s how hot their chemistry was. And I’m really glad that they had a lot of page time together. Occasionally, with first person povs, a lot of the book is spent in that persons head and dialogue is limited, but thankfully there was plenty of dialogue between Marie and Josh.
Seriously read this book.  You will not regret it.
Favorite Quotes.
I sighed inwardly as he strolled back to my and dropped into the chair across from me. I shot him an irritated glance. “Can I help you with something?”
“I think I caught you checking me out, Marie.”
“You did not,” I said stiffly.
“It’s fine if you can’t admit it.” He leaned forward and whispered, “I’m told my ass is quite bitable.”
I leaned toward him in return. “Your mom doesn’t count.”
–Page 8
And if you want a one-night stand with a supernatural,” he said, leaning in so close that his breath brushed against my cheek, “I’ll break out my fangs, lick you for hours, and then ride you so hard that you’ll be bowlegged the next day.”
–page 119
I mean seriously, who wouldn’t like to spend a few hours with Joshua Russell?
Series Alert: Must Love Fangs is the third full-length novel in the Midnight Liaisons Series. I read the first book (BeautyDates the Beast) but not the second (Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter) and I didn’t have any trouble keeping up by not reading the second.  Although I will say, you probably do want to read the first book (Beauty Dates the Beast) to become acquainted with the Alliance and their policies as well as the relationship between Beau and Bath.
Overall, I loved Must Love Fangs. It was fast-paced and thoroughly entertaining and the perfect book to sink your teeth into. Definitely one for the keeper shelf!

  Book Details
Title: Must Love Fangs
Midnight Liaisons Book 3
Author: Jessica Sims
Publisher: Pocket Books 
ISBN: 978-1-4515-6182-8
Release Date: 2013
Format: Mass-Market Paperback
How I Read It: Mass-Market Paperback from Publisher
Rating: 5 Cups

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Lucy said...

Must. Read. Now! Ass-biting worthy hero sounds good to me.

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Josh was definitely an arse biting worthy hero! One of my favorites for sure!