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What Child Is This by C.J. Carmichael

Frost Farm owner, Garret Frost, and his Public Relations Manager, Lily Parker, each have their own reasons for dreading Christmas this year. Garret’s a widower, stressed with the responsibility of running the family’s maple syrup business while raising his young son on his own. And Lily’s still trying to recover from the tragic loss that ended her marriage.
Adding to their personal challenges, Garret’s adorable son Duncan has just told Santa that all he wants for the holidays is to visit the North Pole. How’s Garret going to manage that? And then an abandoned baby is found in the manger of the nativity scene beside the Sugar Shack…
Just as it seems like the holiday will be a total bust, an almost-kiss under the mistletoe has Garret looking at Lily in a whole new way. Despite all the holiday mayhem, could this end up being the best Christmas ever?

Garret Frost is the owner of Frost Farm and he’s also a widower raising his young son. Between running his family’s maple syrup business and making sure Duncan, his son, is cared for, Christmas is a stressful time. When he almost kisses his PR manager, Lily Parker, under the mistletoe, he stops looking at Lily as an employee then starts looking at her as someone he wants to get to know better.
Lily Parker left New York in hopes of escaping the tragic loss that ended her marriage. Although when an abandoned baby is found in the Sugar Shack’s nativity scene, the nightmare Lily endured comes rushing back. To complicate matters further, she’s starting to develop feelings for Garret.
What Child Is This is a heartwarming Christmas novella that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I’m so glad that I gave C.J. Carmichael a second chance.
Garret Frost has quickly moved up to the top of my list of favorite heroes. His wife and unborn child died and he’s trying to balance running Frost Farm and Duncan. When the only gift Duncan asks Santa for is a trip to the North Pole, Garret knows his son is going to be crushed. But what has Garret even more worried is the feelings he’s having for Lily.
He’s develop feelings for Lily but because of not wanting to get hurt again, when he starts getting close to her, he starts pushing her away. Although his feelings aren’t quite that easy to tamp down.
Lily Parker has endured the loss of a child and has been pushed away by the man she once loved. When an abandoned baby is found in the nativity scene, the loss she suffered springs up once again. To make matters worse, every time she gets close to Garret he pulls away and she been in that type of relationship before and she doesn’t want to go there again.
Blimey! Lily and Garret had amazing chemistry. It sizzled on every page. I honestly thought my Kindle was going to catch fire! And they were the perfect fit for each other.
The pacing was brilliant as well and I ended up reading this in one sitting. While I would have loved for this to have been a full-length novel, the relationship between Garret and Lily fit perfectly as a novella. And thank the ghost of Christmas dialogue conversations between the hero and heroine actually took place.  
Although if you’re thinking What Child Is This wraps up the mystery of who the abandoned baby belongs to, it doesn’t. The mystery continues in the next two books in the series. While I haven’t read the next two books, I’m eager to read them and see if I’m right as to the mother of the child.
Overall, What Child Is This gave me the warm and fuzzies. The characters were intriguing, the romance sweet, and while the abandoned baby trope is often done in Christmas romances, I truly enjoyed how it was worked into this novella.

Book Details
Title: What Child Is This
Book 1 in the Frost Family Christmas Series
Format: eBook
How I Read It: Purchased via Amazon
Rating: 4 Cups

What Child Is This is the first of a series of four connected novellas

Book 1: What Child Is This by C.J Carmichael
Book 2: Home For Christmas, by Roxy Boroughs
Book 3: The Holly & The Ivy by Brenda M. Collins
Book 4: More Than A Feeling, by C.J. Carmichael


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Oh how neat! I love it when authors chain a story together like that. Ah, heartwarming story with two people who experienced losses. Didn't know about it so thanks, Angela!