Thursday, July 23, 2015

Luck of the Draw by Kelley Vitollo

What happens when her one night in Vegas doesn’t stay there?
Rowan McKinley isn’t looking for one wild night while vacationing in Vegas, but she gets it anyway when she meets professional poker player—and professional ladies’ man—Breck Wilder. Breck’s easygoing charm and lighthearted banter draw in the reserved Rowan, and though she’s always dreamed of the kind of forever love her best friends Sidney and Kade share, she’ll settle for one night with the charismatic player.
After their crazy one-night stand, Breck never expected to see the mysterious redhead again. So when he shows up at a Shamrock Falls B&B looking to get away for a few weeks and Rowan answers the door, he’s floored. Breck’s rolling-stone lifestyle and ill-fated history with women means he’s not interested in anything long-term. But the longer he stays at the B&B, the more he considers dropping the poker face and putting all his cards on the table…for Rowan.
Title: Luck of the Draw | Series: Shamrock Falls #2 | Author: Kelley Vitollo | Publisher: Entangled Bliss | Genre: Contemporary Romance | Source: Purchased | Rating: 3.5

So, I’ve had this on my kindle for eons. I think I purchased it at the start of the year when Entangled had their .99¢ sale.
This was a cute little romance with a few bits of emotion and humor sprinkled in.
Here’s what’s going on. Rowan and Breck spent a night together in Vegas. Not having done this kind of thing before, Rowan sneaks out and prepares never to see Breck again. So, Rowan is surprised when Breck, who happens to be a friend of a friend, shows up at the door of her B&B looking to spend six weeks hiding out.
Breck hasn’t been able to get Rowan off his mind, although he knows, given his relationship history, it’s probably not going to go anywhere. Yet when Rowan faints in his arms, he decides not to fight the attraction between them.
Although Breck doesn’t realize that Rowan holds a secret that will change both of their lives.
Okay, so this one had potential to be a great read—and while it was still a nice read—it fell a bit flat for me.
Rowan kind of ruined this for me. If she would have just told Breck she was pregnant when she found out, I would have liked her so much better although she was content to hold on to her secret for like 98% of the book and even then, it was Breck who confronted her about it.
I know she was dealing with the whole ‘we-used-a-condom-this-can’t-be-happening-I-don’t-even-know-this-man’ ordeal, but the way I look at is, if you are okay sleeping with a man you don’t know then you should be okay telling him you’re pregnant with his child. Breck even took care of her when she was sick but still felt as though she didn’t know him well enough to tell him. Honestly, I spent most of the book wanting to slap her.
I really liked Breck and he was what kept me reading. He was such a good man. He’s a professional poker player—this is the first time I’ve read a book where a character had this profession and it was a nice chance. He’s had a horrible time with relationships—his wife left him and the book starts with him getting in a fight with his ex-girlfriend because she stole the cat he rescued.
He’s hesitant about getting involved with Rowan but he know there’s no sense in fighting it. He even steps up to care for Rowan and the B&B when she was sick but yet she still kept him at arm’s length. It was okay to use his body, just not to let him and I hate it when heroines play that kind of game with the hero. He had a lot more patience with her than I would have. While I wanted him to be there for his child, a part of me really wanted him to walk away from Rowan and never look back.
At the start of the book, Rowan and Breck had such great chemistry although throughout the book, due to Rowan’s secret, the chemistry between them waxes and wanes and I never really felt as though they reestablished the same spark they had in the beginning.
The plot occasionally felt a little disjointed and choppy but it did finally manage to even out.
Overall, the book made for a quick little read and I loved the witty banter between Rowan and Breck. However, the book, in part of Rowan’s behavior, didn’t quite live up its potential.

Will I continue the series? Perhaps, I’m not sure I’ll read book 1 but 3 looks intriguing. Having met Betsy and Jace in this book, you could they have a spark and I do like the fake marriage trope, so if I have time I may pick it up.
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kimbacaffeinate said...

Awe if only couples could be honest and communicate. This does sound like a cute read though.

Sophia Rose said...

I think I would feel the same way you did, Angela. I get so tired of waiting for the heroine to woman-up and talk. And yes, it drives me nuts when they can bare all physically, but somehow go for distance in other areas b/c it make me feel like they are users.

Angela @ Simply Angela said...

It was such a cute read but I really wanted to harm Rowan.

Angela @ Simply Angela said...

I feel like they are users as well. I wanted to scream at her to put on her big girl panties and act like an adult.