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The Maverick's Accidental Bride by Christine Rimmer

Welcome back, faithful readers! The Rust Creek Rambler has an exclusive for you: Jordyn Leigh Cates has gotten married! That’s right, our innocent Jordyn, who came to town a few years back with the Rust Creek Falls “Gal Rush” tied the know on July Fourth in what appeared to be a very impulsive ceremony.
No one could blame the blushing bridesmaid for saying “I do” to Will Clifton. The sexy, blue-eyed rancher is six feet of pure muscle and charm. But are these two merely love-struck friends who got swept away at someone else’s wedding? Our sources suggest otherwise. Stay tuned to find out the true story behind these surprise spouses –and see if they can make it past their honeymoon.

Title: The Maverick's Accidental Bride | Series: Montana Mavericks: What Happened at the Wedding #1  | Author: Christine Rimmer | Publisher:  Harlequin Special Edition | Release Date: | Genre: Contemporary Romance | Source MLM Media Relations: | Rating: 4

Oh, I loved this book. It was cute and fluffy and had the potential to give you diabetes but I devoured it like a woman starved of a good romance novel.
Here’s what’s going on. The last thing Jordyn Leigh Cates remembers is kissing Will Clifton at Braden and Jennifer’s wedding. She doesn’t remember going back to Will’s room although she woke up in his bed. And she certainly doesn’t remember marrying the man but they have the rings and the marriage license to prove it.
Will doesn’t remember much of the night either, but he most definitely married the girl he’s known since she was in diapers. And while neither of them remember the wedding night, they know there’s a possibility Jordyn could be pregnant and if she is they have agreed to stay married. If she isn’t, they have agreed to carry on with their ‘Divorce Plan’.
Although it’s tricky navigating their relationship when Jordyn fits so well in his life and has adjusted to his new ranch like she belongs there. And Jordyn is finding it just as hard because she’s attracted to Will.
This one had me smiling the whole way through. I could not put it down. The Maverick’s Accidental Bride reminded me why I fell in love with romance books.
I really loved Will. He’s a hard worker. He put his life on hold until he was able to start his ranch. And he’s just an all-around good guy.
Will has known Jordyn her entire life. He’s always been fiercely protective of her but when he spots her at Braden and Jennifer’s wedding, he finds himself attracted to her as well but there’s a war going on inside him because he doesn’t know how to balance the two. His inner conflict only grows stronger when they wake up married. He’s trying his best to put protecting her first and trying to stave off the attraction he’s feeling for her. It was interesting watching Will interact with Jordyn. It’s obvious that he wants her but he still wants to protect her as well.
I really liked Jordyn. She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty. She’s willing to help Will out with the new ranch he just purchased without him having to ask her. She knows what she wants but she’s hesitant because she’s worried that Will feels like he has to do it because it’s the right thing to do.
The only problem that I had with Jordyn was the fact that once she realized she was in love with him rather than talking to Will about what was going on in her head, she would go on the defense and start nagging him to fill out the divorce papers.
Will and Jordyn had this amazing chemistry and it only increased as the book progressed. I loved that neither one of them was afraid to call the other one out. Rather than jumping in bed together, they waited until it was the right time for them and he allowed her to control it. And I loved that they both were willing to apologize and try to work things out even though their end goal was originally to get divorced.  
The conflict, while it stemmed from the character’s inner conflicts, had me turning the pages until the very end. It added the right amount of tension that was needed.
What kills me about this book—and why I gave it a 4-Cup rating is the fact that this is book in the Montana Mavericks: What Happened at the Wedding miniseries which means, that while Will and Jordyn’s romance was wrapped up in a nice big bow, there are a few threads left dangling.  And I’m really itching to know if someone really did put something in the wedding punch that made the guests go a little wild.
Although I really liked that this book set up the second book, Do You Take This Maverick?, by introducing Claire Strickland, another person whose life is affected by the wedding and the potentially spiked punch.
Overall, I loved this book. It was such a sweet little feel good romance that I honestly can’t wait to read it again. And I’m so looking forward to starting the next book in this miniseries.

New York Times and USA Today  bestselling author Christine Rimmer has written more than 90 contemporary romances for Harlequin Books.  She has won Romantic Times BOOKreview’s  Reviewer’s Choice Award for best Silhouette Special Edition.  She has been nominated five times for the Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA award and also five times for Romantic Times Series Storyteller of the Year.

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I always “cast” my stories.  I choose images of real people to represent the main characters as I’m writing the book.  I like to know exactly how my characters look.  As a rule, I choose from pictures of actors or models.


The Montana Mavericks series, however, is what we call a house-generated continuity.  The basic ideas for the characters and the over-arching story for the series are created by Harlequin’s excellent editorial team.  We authors are provided with a bible, a general plan to follow as we tailor, tweak and enrich and make the story our own.  In recent years, the editors who create the bible have been doing the “casting” for us, choosing images of our heroes and heroines.  Now and then, I disagree with those choices and the editors always give me the go-ahead to choose other actors.


But for The Maverick’s Accidental Bride, I loved the editorial choices and ran with them.  So may I present…

Ryan Paevey as Will Clifton and Alexz Johnson as Jordyn Leigh Cates
And for more great shots of Ryan and Alexz and some cool clothing and setting details, feel free to check out my Pinterest board HERE 

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