Tuesday, June 7, 2016

DIY: Teacup Succulents

A few months ago, a dear friend suggested I use a few of my orphan teacups and saucers as planters for succulents. I loved the idea. I thought it was a cute way to bring in a few small plants and incorporate my love of all things tea.


These were super simple and so fun to make. The designs are endless and these would make brilliant party favors and place card holders. Just remember not to overwater your succulents. A spray bottle comes in handy, although I use the cap from a water bottle and water them twice a week with just a little sip of water.
Here’s what you need

Teacups and saucers
Indoor Potting Mix
Small Pebbles (I used river rocks)

1-fill the bottom of the teacup with an inch of dirt.
2-remove your succulent from the container it came in, gently loosen the dirt around the roots, and add to your teacup.
3-fill the teacup with dirt leaving about ¼ an inch from the top of the cup.
4-wipe the dirt from the teacup using a dry paper towel.
5-place pebbles around the top of the plant.
6-set the teacup on the saucer and find a spot to display your little lovely.
About the succulents I chose: I wasn’t really sure what I wanted and my local garden center had a vast selection to choose from. I ended up selecting two aloe plants (an aloe vera and an aloe aristata) and an agave plant.  

Aloe plants purify the air, although they are poisonous to cats and dogs.

I could have ran to the store and purchased a new teacup and saucer for this project. Although I collect antique and vintage blue and white English dinnerware. So, that means I check out my local antique stores and flea markets every so often to see what I can find. Normally, I piece the sets together and that often means that I buy sets that include 5 teacups with no saucers just to get a platter or plate that I needed, so I often have orphan cups and saucers left over that I just stash in a box in my closet. Also, sometimes the pieces that I buy are crazed or cracked and no longer usable. And I have to admit, I’ve broken my fair share of cups or saucers.
Now, I’ve finally found a use for my orphan cups and saucers. The cup is from the Royal Ports of England collection and the saucer is from the Salem Village collection—both were made in England.


Do you have succulents?

Or houseplants?

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