Monday, February 20, 2017

Something to Stitch About: Dimensions Life is Sweet Apron - Stamped Cross Stitch

This one was super easy (I finished it in just a few days), super fun, and super cute. After finally finishing the challenging Wolf Mum and her Pups, I wanted something easy.  This one was a stamped cross-stitch so I really didn’t have to think much about it, I just had to follow the inked outlines (the outlines do wash away after you’ve finished the project).
The material for the apron is a nice, sturdy cotton that holds up well. My only complaint with the apron itself, is that instead of the neck strap tying, it’s just a sewn on loop and I always have to end up tying a knot on it because it’s way too big.
The pattern itself was so easy to follow and the stitches on the key actually matched the amount of stitches on the project, so I didn’t have to worry about figuring out how to add or take away stitches.

For the most part, I liked the color scheme. The yellows and the cream used in the icing of the first cupcake seemed too similar, so it doesn’t really show that there are three different colors in it. I ended up switching out the colors of the lettering and the type of stitching used. Rather than the blue and brown the pattern called for, I used blue and red. I also decided to fill in the letters rather than just outlining them.

Overall, I’m really satisfied with how the apron turned out. It’s a nice bit of whimsy and everyone loves a cupcake!

Challenge Met: Something to Stitch About

Something to Stitch About is a personal goal I set to motivate me to atually do the stitching projects I buy. To learn more about this challenge or to see my goals and progress, check out this post.

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