Monday, July 31, 2017

July in Review

July totally kicked my arse. Seriously, it was so not my month. I spent most of it dealing with my brand new windows leaking. And it wasn’t a little leak, either. Every time it rains, my bathroom window has water pouring down it like a waterfall. If I had wanted an indoor water feature, I would have had one installed.  
And the company that installed them, Unique Home Solutions (seriously, Avoid This Company Like The Plague), has done nothing to fix the problem. Rather than sending window installers to fix, they’ve sent siding people, who have done nothing but cause more problems. And not only are their installers inept, they’re a rather shady bunch who have no scruples. Their workers actions ranged from secretly recording me in my bedroom with their phone that they hid on my dresser, going through my underwear drawer, and pocketing collector coins, to smelling like pot, bragging about how they gave their five-year-old autistic son alcohol, and spewing out racial slurs about a co-workers wife and two-year-old daughter. And when all of this was told to the vice president of installations, his blasé attitude made me want to vomit.  
And, seeing as they still haven’t fixed the problem, the windows are still leaking. I should have kept the old windows, at least they didn’t leak. And seeing as the new windows cost over $8,000, I’m not a very happy person.
Since my rants over, I’ll get back to what’s been going on with the blog. Sadly, it’s been quiet here because all the window madness, but my Blog Ahead posts are finally kicking in and I’m getting back into the swing of posting and replying to comments.
Here’s what was on the blog in July.
Reading-wise, July was great so eclectic. I reviewed two stellar cowboy books, Comeback Cowboy by Sara Richardson and Kiss My Boots by Harper Sloan. Both are amazing second chance romances that you’ll want to devour.  And The Knocked Up Plan by Lauren Blakely was one of those books that just hits the right reading spot when you need something that’s unique and funny but also a bit serious. Then to round it out, I finally reviewed Virgins by Diana Gabaldon. It wasn’t bad—I needed so needed me some Jamie Fraser—but it wasn’t what I was expecting. Surprisingly, I only had one DNF this month and it wasn’t the books fault but rather the narrator.
Also on the blog, is a What’s What for Seven Stones to Stand or Fall—the short story/novella collection from Diana Gabaldon that deals with the Outlander world.
My Reading Challenge Progress
I’m really proud that I’ve managed to keep up with these this year and my inner blogger is thrilled that I’m slowly making it through my blogger shame books.
Blogger Shame—5 books
Bad Boys—4 books



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