Friday, September 15, 2017

Breaching the Contract by Chantel Fernando

Katerina Dawson knows exactly what she wants from life. And as the new associate at the top law firm in the city, she’s ready to live out her dreams of becoming a criminal lawyer. But going on coffee runs and babysitting kids during the day was definitely not what she had in mind. She knows that anyone else would kill to be in her shoes, but she has to draw the line somewhere. That’s easier said than done, though, when Kat has to confront her handsome boss…

Tristan Channing and Jaxon Bentley run a successful law firm together and the two partners couldn’t be busier right now. When Jaxon suddenly takes a leave of absence, Tristan begrudgingly assumes responsibility of the new associate, the hot new associate, who has curves for days. Needing to keep his distance from her, Tristan sends Kat on needless errands and has her doing work even an intern wouldn’t touch, like picking up his kids. But his plan backfires when he sees his children grow attached to Kat and sees her getting comfortable in his home. It triggers something deep within him, and it feels right to have her there. Will Tristan be able to keep his work and personal lives separate, or will he find that his heart holds the final verdict?

Series: Conflict of Interest #1 | Publisher: Pocket Books | Release Date: September 18, 2017 | Genre:  Contemporary Romance| Source: Publisher | Rating: 3.5 Cups

I’m such a massive fan of Chantel Fernando’s Wind Dragons series that I was both excited and hesitant to try this new lawyer-based Conflict of Interest series. Breaching the Contract wasn’t really what I was expecting—it’s cute and sweet where Wind Dragons is a bit gritty and in your face—but I was hooked and could not put it down.
Here’s what’s going on. When Kat’s hired at one of the top law firms, she’s excited to be working with Jaxon Bentley—one of the top criminal lawyers—but when Jaxon takes a leave of absence Kat now finds herself working with his someone surly associate Tristan Channing. Instead of working on cases and getting to know their clients, Kat’s babysitting Tristan’s kids and grabbing him coffee. Tristan knows he needs to keep his distant from Kat, he’s not ready to get into a new relationship but when he sees the way she is with his kids and how they are with her, he can’t help want to let her in.
So, this one was a quick read—I read it in under an hour—and it was such a cute little romance. The first few pages were a bit slow as Kat and the law firm was introduced, once the setting and characters were established the book picked up.
I really liked Kat and Jaxon—she’s determined and not afraid to speak her mind, he’s a bit surly but loveable and he’s also a single father determined to see that his kids are taken care of.
The relationship between Kat and Jaxon was sweet—if not a bit fast, but this was short one so it was to be expected. They had some issues to work out, his was personal where she was worried about how it would look professionally, but they were dealt with swiftly and drama free.
So, there was little to no conflict in this one and it worked. The novel wasn’t heavy or intense, it was just one those I had a bad day and want something light type of book.
One thing I was a bit disappointed in was the how abrupt the ending was. There was an issue that was brought up and I was really expecting it to come into play more in the plot but rather than going through the motions, the book fast forwarded three months and just gave a recap of what happened.  
If you’re a fan of Fernando, you’ll be glad to hear that while the characters are clean cut compared to her Wind Dragons series, her heroes are still sweet, sexy, and alpha and her heroines are still independent, fun, and feisty.  
Overall, this one was light, fluffy, and perfect to unwind with. It was a great start to the new series that introduced the new characters and made me want to know more about them. I’m slightly disappointed that this was a novella because the characters were so intriguing that they could have easily filled a full-length book.

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