Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Summer on Honeysuckle Ridge (Highland Falls #1) by Debbie Mason

Welcome to Highland Falls, a small town where love is always in the air.

In just a few months Abby Everhart has gone from being a top LA media influencer to an unemployed divorcée living out of her car. So inheriting her great-aunt's homestead comes at the perfect time. Abby heads to Highland Falls, North Carolina, to spruce up Honeysuckle Farm before putting it on the market for some much-needed cash. But instead of finding a charming getaway, she discovers a serious fixer-upper, complete with a leaky roof, overgrown yard, and a reclusive -- albeit sexy -- man living on the property.

Ex-Delta Force soldier Hunter MacKenzie has faced war and loss, but nothing has quite prepared him for an outgoing redhead who's determined to turn his life upside down. Hunter doesn't want to get involved with anyone, especially a city girl who plans to sell the only place he's ever felt at home. But the sparks between them are undeniable. Spending time with Abby is easy. Convincing her to stay for good is another matter entirely.

Series: Highland Falls #1 | Publisher: Forever |  Genre: Contemporary Romance | Source: Publisher  | Rating: 4.5 Cups

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What happens when a chatty city girl invades a reclusive Ex-Delta Force soldier’s space? 

Here’s what’s going on. With her world flipped upside down, Abby’s counting on the inheritance she received from her great-aunt to set things to rights. What she didn’t count on was the homestead being in shambles or the sexy yet surly man who lives in the converted barn. Since returning from the war, Hunter MacKenzie has made it his priority to avoid Highland Falls and it’s residents but now that Abby’s invaded his space his life has turned upside down. When they both set out to annoy the other until they leave, neither expected to fall head over heels but, now that they have, will their past hurts allow them to move forward.
When I pick up a book by Debbie Mason, I know I’m going to be transported to a charming small town where the characters steal your heart and Summer on Honeysuckle Ridge was no exception.
Abby and Hunter are both a bit broken. She had a traumatic thing happen to her when she was younger then had her life to implode but she’s has this wonderful fighting spirit that had me rooting for her. He’s been through hell and back and he’s carrying a lot of guilt to the point he’s cut himself off from the world. I couldn’t help to feel for him.
I enjoyed watching the relationship develop between them. Abby is friendly, chatty, and bit of klutz. Hunter’s broody, a bit gruff, and wants to be left alone. Abby brought Hunter back to the living and I enjoyed watching how he warmed up to her and started forgiving himself. I also liked the way Hunter looked out for Abby from the start. This was a slow-burn relationship and truly what was needed for Abby and Hunter.
Another fun thing about this book was Bella and Wolf, Abby and Hunter’s dogs who mimicked their owner’s personalities. It was fun watching the dogs play and figure out how to co-habitat.
One of the things I love about Debbie Mason’s books is the fact that she creates these wonderful secondary characters that truly brings the books alive and that’s just what you find with the residents of Highland Falls. They’re unique, lively, and so much fun. Oh, and I cannot forget to mention that they’re also kilted! Who can resist a kilted man?
Overall, while this one had plenty of hilarious moments, it also had a lot of heart, soul, and healing. I highly recommend you pick up Summer on Honeysuckle Ridge and meet Abby, Hunter, Bella, Wolf, and the residents of Highland Falls. You’ll laugh with them, cry with them, and root for them!
I simply cannot wait to read Christmas on Reindeer Road (coming Fall 2020), the second book in the Highland Falls series.

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