Friday, October 17, 2014

Speed Mating: A Midnight Liaisons Novella by Jessica Sims

Estrella may be going into heat, but she’s determined to remain in control. Just because she’s ovulating doesn’t mean she has to settle for just any man (or his beast). Her sexy alpha’s determined to find her a tiger to take care of her heat and father her child…but no one seems to look quite as good as the man in charge. Will giving in to her need for her alpha ruin her tenuous relationship with her clan or be a match made in heaven?


This novella originally appeared in the anthology FIRE & FROST.


Estrella’s going into heat. She can’t stop it, but she can control who she chooses to father her child. Turning to her alpha, Vic, for help in selecting a mate may have been the wrong thing to do. Now Vic is the only man she wants although she’s worried if she chooses Vic her rocky relationship with the pack will suffer.
I loved this novella. As far as novellas go, Speed Mating was by far the best novella that I’ve read.
Estrella was funny and exceedingly horny because she’s going into heat. Her theme song should so be, ‘If you’re horny and you know it, find a mate’. Because she’s going into heat, she knows that this mating will leave her pregnant. So not only does she need to find someone she trusts, she needs to find someone who will be a good father to her child.
While she wants Vic—and I mean wham-bam-thank-you-tiger, type of want—, she’s afraid, that since she’s a liger (part lion part tiger), giving into this temptation will provide even more strain with her and the tiger clan.
Determined to help her, Vic (who is practically drooling over her although she doesn’t see it) set’s her up with three tigers after a round of speed dating courtesy of Midnight Liaisons goes wrong.
Vic was yummy and tattooed and a were-tiger, I mean seriously what’s not to like? I got a taste of Vic in Must Love Fangs, so I was eager to see more of him in Speed Mating. While I most definitely was not disappointed, I did wish I could have seen a bit more of him.
Overall, I loved Speed Mating. Normally when reading a novella I feel a bit let down by how rushed it is or how unfinished it feels, although Speed Mating, while short, felt steady-paced and complete.

  Book Details
Title: Speed Mating
Midnight Liaisons Book 2.3
Author: Jessica Sims
Publisher: Jill Myles
Release Date: 12/17/2013
Format: E-book
How I Read It: Purchased from Amazon
Rating: 4.5 Cups


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