Friday, May 8, 2015

A Family For The Bull Rider by Tina Leonard

Jack Morgan came home to the Morgans’ Texas ranch on urgent family business—not to get roped into marriage. But he’s finding it impossible to steer clear of his attraction to angelic Cricket Jasper. Now the virtuous deacon is pregnant…with triplets!
The sexy rodeo rider has always been in Cricket’s secret prayers. But she never dreamed she’d be having Jack’s babies! She knows the firstborn Morgan son came home to make things right with his estranged father. Now he’s about to become a father.
What will it take to make a family man out of this wandering rover? Because if three babies and the love of a good woman aren’t enough to settle down this lonesome cowboy, nothing will be!

Title: A Family For The Bull Rider* | Series: | Author: Tina Leonard | Publisher: Harlequin| Release Date: May 2015| Genre: Contemporary Romance | Source: Publisher | Rating: 3.5

 *Originally released in 2009 under the title The Triplet’s Rodeo Man

This novel had potential and I was so hoping it would live up to it but it fell a bit short.
Jack Morgan is a bad boy who’s content to travel the bull riding circuit. He’s been estranged from his father but has returned to give his father his kidney. Cricket Jasper is a deacon who’s had a crush on Jack for as long as she can remember. When a storm forces the two to spend a night together, she soon finds herself in Jack’s arms. Now she’s pregnant and convinced that she can do it on her own but Jack isn’t about to let her or their children go.
Okay, so there could have been so much more to this novel but it barely scratched the surface. Rather than being broody or angst-filled, Jack just came off as annoying and unlikable. And Cricket was constantly going on about how she used to be a good girl but one night with Jack changed that. Rather than dealing with their problems like two adults, they just hide out in the safety of their comfort zones.
There was so much talk about how wild and crazy the Jack and Cricket were for each other, but their actual chemistry fell flat.
Overall, I really wished that the characters had been more likable because if I felt just a tad bit of a connection, I think that I would have enjoyed the novel far more than what I did.

The cover features real-life professional bull rider Harve Stewart. He competes as a part of the Professional Bull Riders, which includes more than 600 bull riders from the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Mexico and Australia. To learn more about Harve, check out his profile. Follow him on Twitter @harvestewart For more information about the Professional Bull Riders, visit
USA Today Bestselling and award-winning author Tina Leonard has sold over 3 million copies of her titles. She has made the USA Today Bestseller, Waldenbooks, Bookscan, and Ingrambook lists, and has written and contracted 71 books and special projects. She is best known for her sparkling sense of humor, endearing communities, snappy dialogue, and memorable characters that include sexy hunks with attitude and heroines with plenty of sass. For more information, visit or follow her on Twitter: @Tina_Leonard

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Lanies Book Thoughts said...

The bull riders just don't seem to be doing it for you this month missy! Maybe you should switch off to some other type of cowboy? :)

Angela @ Simply Angela said...

Yeah, I had a bad month with bull riders. I think that problem lies with the way the author delivers the's nearly the same plot devices in every book. I've got a few good cowboy romances coming up.

Lanies Book Thoughts said...

Ugh, I hate that. The repetition has got to be really annoying. Here's hoping your cowboys are better!