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Wedding Bells in Christmas by Debbie Mason

To have and to hold from this day forward
Wedding bells are ringing in the charming town of Christmas, but not for Vivian Westfield. She's just had her heart trampled under the cowboy boots of Chance McBride and lost her dream job at a big-city newspaper. But when she returns for a wedding, she stumbles on a story that could resurrect her career. First, though, she'll have to deal with the handsome man standing in her way . . . and a still-burning flame that's too hot to ignore.
Chance recognizes trouble when he sees it. He just didn't expect to find it in the first-class cabin on the flight home for his father's wedding. Yet there she is, as gorgeous as ever. Vivi dared Chance to want things he knew he could never have. It's why he left her. But Christmas's meddling matchmakers have them firmly in their sights. So if they want to survive the next week, they'll have to play the part of an adoring couple-an irresistible charade that may give them a second chance at the real thing . . .
Title: Wedding Bells in Christmas | Series: The Christmas, Colorado Series | Author: Debbie Mason | Publisher: Forever | Release Date: May 26, 2015 | Genre: Contemporary Romance | Source: Publisher | Rating: 5

Vivi and Chance are returning to Christmas, Colorado for his dad’s wedding. When they both end up sitting side-by-side in first class, they know that Chance’s Aunt Nell is once again playing matchmaker. Rather than allowing her to work her matchmaking magic, they decide to pretend to be together, which is going to push both of them over the edge.
I really need to catch up with this series because Wedding Bells in Christmas was simply amazing. It’s definitely going on my Top Ten Books of 2015 list.
So, apparently, Chance McBride and Vivi Westfield have a history—I’m a bit oblivious to this because I haven’t read the first three books in this series, but this book did provide a hint of what came before, so I wasn’t completely lost, although there is a few points I would have liked to have known. You can tell from their first encounter that they have this amazing chemistry and Vivi is head-over-heels in love with him, but Chance is holding back.
Five years ago, Chance lost his wife and child. He’s not over the pain and anguish of losing them so I wasn’t really surprised that he wasn’t rushing into a permanent relationship with Vivi. There’s no denying that he wants her, but he isn’t ready or willing to allow himself to be in a position where he could lose someone else he loved. Poor guy, he really does need to see a therapist, if not to talk things out then to at least get some nerve pills for when he’s around Vivi. Although when Vivi get too involved in an ongoing investigation, Chance is willingly to do whatever it takes to keep her safe.
Vivi’s in love with Chance but she knows it’s Kate and Emma who hold his heart. She wants to try to help him get past his loss, but she isn’t forceful and, even though Chance has done his best to run her off, she’s there for him. Even though she knows her actions are going to push him over the edge, she still forges ahead with her own investigation.
I really liked Vivi’s moxie and determination. She’s a bit clumsy and completely out of her element in the small town of Christmas, but she’s not willing to give up. Chance was such a wounded soul; I couldn’t help but love him.
The secondary characters were great. I love it when an author incorporates an entire set of characters into a book without taking away from the main characters or the romance.
There was a bit of suspense and mystery to this book and I love that. Given the cover and the blurb, I wasn’t expecting it although it was such a welcome surprise. While I had a feeling of who it was early on, the plot unfolded in such a way that it was still interesting.
Overall, I loved this book. For me, it was the perfect example of small town contemporary done right. There were a few times I wanted to shake some sense into Vivi and Chance, but it only made the story more interesting.
I cannot wait to read the first three books in this series and the books to come.


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Lanies Book Thoughts said...

I like the sounds of this one, definitely seems like a feel good romance:D! Nice review!

Angela @ Simply Angela said...

Lanie, you should so check out this one. It's one of those books I can't wait to read again. I'm getting ready to order the books that came before this one just to see what I missed.

Lanies Book Thoughts said...

I actually realized I already had the first book on my TBR list which was pretty funny:) I cant wait to see what you think about those ones.

Anna@herding cats&burning soup said...

Oh that is awesome to see! I loved the first book though oh man. Christmas (the town) had some dues to pay after how they were with the original heroine. Goodness. I did love them by the end though :D I need to get caught up with these something fierce. I can't believe there are so many already.

Angela @ Simply Angela said...

I need to play catch up as well. I'm looking forward to seeing what I missed out on. The people of Christmas were definitely one of a