Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Nailed It! Product Review

Hello Lovelies,
Over the last few weeks I’ve received several neat little nail products to try out. Some I’ve loved, some not so much. I’m a huge fan of nail polish, so I’m always eager to try new, or new-to-me, products.

COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss
Colors (Left to Right)
190—Wine to Five, 110—Snow Storm, 141—Bon Bon
Price: $4.94 (at my local store)
Availability—Easy to find
Would I purchase this? Yes
Here’s what the Product Claims
•Up to 7 days of glossy color
•With built-in topcoat for glossy shine
•Premium packaging, expertly chosen shades
Here’s what I discovered
•Did the color last up to a week?
-         No—So, I wash my hands like a germaphobe with OCD, I also make jewelry, which means I’m constantly messing with metal and wire, so I really wasn’t expecting to go an entire week with perfect polish. However, the polish did last longer than some of the others that I wear without fading or ghosting. And the chipping was limited too.
•Was it glossy? Did I need a topcoat?
-         The polish was nice and glossy without being over glossy. I normally use a topcoat every time I do my nails, but I wanted to see how this polish did without the topcoat so I only used a topcoat on one hand. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well the nails without the topcoat held up.
•Packaging and Available Shades
-         I really liked the look of the square bottles. I’ve looked around at the shades available locally and while they carry several colors, they’re a little limited on the shades of green they offer.  
What did I think of the colors?
Wine to Five (190)—I loved this color. It’s not a bold, tacky red and it’s not a deep color. It’s that nice day or night shade right in the middle. It goes on smoothly and I generally only need one coat.
Snow Storm (110)—Whites have a tendency to look streaky. Although I was pleased to find that this one has a smooth look. It does take two coats to give it a solid look but overall I really liked it.
Bon Bon (141)—I’ve never been one to favor pink nail polish but seeing as I received this for review, I thought I would try it. Compared to the other two, the polish felt really thin and runny. When I used it on my nails, even after two coats, it still had a streaky look to it. I also noticed that this wasn’t as glossy the others.
Overall, this polish really worked for me. I’ve purchased several more shades after trying these and have really loved the colors.

Wet n Wild Wildshine Nail Color
Price: $1.97 (at my local store)
Availability—Easy to find
Would I purchase this? Yes
Here’s what I discovered
This was a nice, cheap little top coat. It doesn’t turn yellow or bubble. It goes on smoothly.  The bottle is cute and easy to store. My only problem with this is that the wand often detaches from the handle and glues itself to the top of the bottle. Sometimes it takes a little nail polish remover to unglue it.
Overall, I would buy this again.

Revlon Gold Series Titanium Coated File
$4.97 (at my local store)
Availability: Easy to find
Would I purchase this? No
Here’s what the Product Claims
•Titanium coated for strength and durability
•Angled edge to smooth nail
•Custom designed handle
Here’s what I discovered
This was the worst nail file I’ve used. Rather than a smooth edge, this file sort of chewed my nail up. The only thing I liked about this was the look and the easy-to-hold handle.

Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream
With apricot oil
$4.24 (at my local store)
Would I purchase this? Yes
Here’s what the Product Claims
•Absorbs quickly to deeply moisturize and condition
•Helps soothe painful hangnails and torn cuticles
•Increases circulation to the nail bed, which helps stimulate new nail growth
Here’s what I discovered
I am in love with this cuticle massage cream. I use it once a week. It’s so easy to use. I take a q-tip, dip it in the cuticle cream, apply it, then rub it in.
It smells wonderful. It does soothe, moisturize, and condition hangnails and cuticles. My nails grow wickedly fast, so I’m not sure if it increases growth or not.
I just wish that it came in a bigger container.

Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Nail Art Pen
Fine Black
$5.47 (at my local store)
Would I purchase this? No
Here’s what the Product Claims
•Water-based formula wipes off easily
•Dot and draw with easy to use pens
•Seals with any clear or top coat
•Great for French manicures too
Here’s what I discovered
I was really excited when this arrived in the mail. I love doing funky things with my nails and thought this would make it so much simpler than using a nail brush. The directions were easy to follow: Shake, create design, seal with a top coat.
The pen was easy to use. Although for a ‘Fine’ tipped pen, the lines were rather broad. Also the pen had a tendency splatter. I did a simply a French manicure and two hours later the black had started to fade, even though I used a top coat, and it ended up cracking.
I will definitely be sticking with my nail brush in the future.

L.A. Colors Nail Polish Remover Pads
Price: Unknown
Availability: Unable to find
Would I purchase this? Maybe
Here’s what the Product Claims
These pre-moistened acetone free pads allows you to remove nail polish whenever and wherever you desire without the mess. The sweet fruit scent will leave your nails smelling fresh. 6 varieties to choose from.
Here’s what I discovered
They were relatively mess free. You could toss them in your handbag or overnight bag and not have to worry them making a mess. They had a nice strawberry smell and make quick work of removing the polish. I also liked that they didn’t dry out my nails.
My only problems with these were 1) they were kind of slimy. You definitely have to be near soap and water when using these. 2) I went to five different stores and I could not find them. In fact, they hadn’t even heard of them.

Have you tried any of these products?
What’s your favorite nail product?

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