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Lions, Tigers, and Sexy Bears Oh My! by Candace Havens

A Montana town where no one is who they seem….
Everything about runaway heiress Ainsley McLeon screamed trouble—from her luscious midnight locks to her Louboutin-clad toes. Yet sexy, stoic bar owner Luc couldn’t deny the instant connection he felt to the tempting stranger…or the long-dead feelings she evoked. She could work in his pub until her truck was fixed but after that she had to leave town for good.
Ainsley traveled with her own emotional baggage and there was no way she’d fall for the bear-tempered Luc…no matter how many passionate nights she spent in his bed or how safe she felt in his muscular arms. Can these two opposites find love in the middle of a blizzard, or will Luc’s darker side and Ainsley’s past catch up with them?
Title: Lions, Tigers, and Sexy Bears Oh My! | Author: Candace Havens | Publisher: Covet and imprint of Entangled | Genre: Paranormal Romance | Rating: 4

The title, Lions, Tigers, and Sexy Bears Oh My!, is a bit of a mouthful—and I still haven’t figured out where the lion plays into it—but it was such a fun, quirky little paranormal romance.
So, here’s what’s going on. After someone tries to murder her, Ainsley McLeon flees to a middle-of-nowhere Montana town and end up crashing her truck which leads her to The Cub Club, a pub owned by gruff—but sexy—Luc.
Bear shifter, Luc (I don’t think he had a last name) knows Ainsley’s going to be trouble. Having tragically lost his wife and child, he doesn’t want to become involved with another woman yet there’s something about Ainsley that calls to him. When he discovers that her life is in jeopardy, he knows he can’t let her go and soon Ainsley finds a way into his bed and heart.
Although when Ainsley and Luc discover that Ainsley is carrying his cubs, Luc’s past has his emotions flaring and he starts pulling away.
Okay so I loved Luc. He’s damaged, he’s suffered do to losing his wife and young child, and he’s not thoroughly healed yet and I so love a damaged hero. He’s a bit broody and gruff but in a way that makes him endearing.  Once he discovers that Ainsley is pregnant, he does kind of have an arsehat moment but I completely understood where he was coming from so it wasn’t something that just came out of left field.
Ainsley was an easy heroine to like. Although she grew up wealthy, she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty and do a bit of hard work. She’s also not afraid to speak her mind and stand up for herself. She knows she wants Luc, even though he’s trying to put her off, but that doesn’t stop her. After Luc flipped his lid, she retreats and starts to become standoffish but I liked the fact that she knows what she’s doing is wrong.
The chemistry between Luc and Ainsley was off the charts. It was immediate and only intensified as the story progressed. The sex scenes, while few, were scorching and left me feeling a bit sorry for the state of Luc’s flat.
So, I loved the subplot in this book. Ian, the tiger that Ainsley believed was going to devour her when she crashed her tuck, has gone feral. There’s somethings that has happened, he’s lost touch with his humanity, and Luc fears that Ian will not be able regain it. I really liked seeing Ian’s progression and wish that one day he will get a story of his own.
My only complaint with Lions, Tigers, and Sexy Bears Oh My!—and why it only received a 4-cup rating—was that it was littered with mistakes that should have been caught in editing.
Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It was a tad bit predictable but the characters were so engaging, I could not put it down.

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